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Organized by the EDHEC Family Business Centre, the 2017 EDHEC Family Business Conference on “Family Firms in the long run: The interplay between emotions and history” will be held on May 11 in Lille (Academic Day) and on May 12 in Paris (Family Business day).

Family owned and managed businesses play a central role in the world’s economy. What makes them fascinating is the interrelation of the family and the business on the long-run. As such, they offer a fertile ground for exploring the history of the family in addition to the history of the business. Up to date however, rare studies and documented practices exist on the mutual influence between emotions and history and their impact on family business sustainability. This conference stands as a meeting point between business historians, family business members, scholars and practitioners to address these gaps in knowledge.

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Make an impact on strategic initiatives in the area of robo-advising technologies
Interview with Woo Chang Kim, Associate Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, and Head, KAIST Center for Wealth Management Technologies, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST); John Mulvey, Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, ORFE Department, Princeton University; Lionel Martellini, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School, and Director, EDHEC-Risk Institute; and Andrew Yao, Professor and Dean of Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS), Tsinghua University.
The Four-University Rotating FinTech Conference: Wealth Management Systems for Individual Investors will be held on 26 April, 2017 on the Princeton Campus. In this interview, we will discuss the partnership project between EDHEC-Risk Institute and the ORFE department at Princeton University, look at the partnership between the four academic institutions, unveil the list of featured speakers and topics covered, and present their hopes for this first edition of the conference.


The Timing of Lawmaking

In physics and engineering, the “time constant” is the interval required for a system to change from one state to another in response to a stimulant. Legal rules are both stimulants and substances; changes in law can measurably affect behaviors and fortunes over time, but changes in technology, populations, and politics over time also affect legal rules. The capacity of judges, legislators, and regulators to change law is often limited by past decisions, culture, and interest groups.
The Timing of Lawmaking explores these relationships between law and time. The scholars represented in this collection use time to probe contemporary law's most enigmatic practices and architecture; they describe new forms of legal innovation that leverage time as a lawmaking device; and they consider judges’ respect for the past as well as lawmakers’ eagerness to create a new, unfettered future. All of this is presented across fourteen chapters divided into three parts: Timing Devices, Law’s Architecture, and Timing in Judging.
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The Impact of Solvency II Prudential Regulations on Property Financing in the Insurance Industry


Smart Beta Replication Costs



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The researchers and directors of EDHEC Business School's Research Centres shared the results of their work with companies and members of the public during the 9th edition of the EDHEC Research Day held on EDHEC’s Lille Campus on Tuesday 14 March. Nearly 900 people attended one or more of the 23 conferences proposed on the day. The videos of the debates are now available in replay.,


Emmanuelle Deglaire, Associate Professor and Director of the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, prepared several short videos on tax-related themes including tax professions, income tax progressivity, fund transfer pricing and international tax optimisation, and setting up holding companies.  She also delivered an analysis of the changes liable to affect wealth taxation and income tax as a result of measures proposed by France’s presidential candidates.

Christophe Collard
participated in a conference arranged within the scope of the RASEN European Research Project Workshop at Angers Technopole on 16 March 2017 and focusing on the subject “Autonomous cars and self-driving vehicles: anticipating legal issues”.

Christophe Roquilly
, Director of the LegalEdhec Research Centre, took part in the plenary round table on the subject of “Ethics, responsibility, globalisation: a new legal order for businesses?”, during the General Assembly on Corporate Law, organised by France’s National Council of the Bars, in Paris on 23 March 2017.


In conjunction with the Economics Research Centre, a partnership was signed with France’s Ministry of Housing, Territorial Equality and Rurality concerning a second research agreement related to a just-published study into the impact of Solvency 2 on real estate. The first agreement was signed previously in November 2015. The partnership also paves the way to prepare a position paper and to organise a presentation along with the chief investment officers of leading insurance companies.

Arnt Verriest, Associate Professor of Accounting, participated in a research workshop in London on 23 March 2017 on the topic of “The informativeness of EBITDA for Users of Financial Statements”.


Arnaud Chéron, Professor of Economics and Director of the Economics Research Centre, co-ordinated a white paper titled “Mettre l'emploi des jeunes et des seniors au coeur de la réforme de notre modèle social”. Timed to coincide with France’s 2017 presidential election, this publication features practical proposals for the French economy. EDHEC Business School’s Economics Research Centre has been assessing public policies through its research work for 10 years now.

On the theme of social diversity at school, the Economics Research Centre jointly organised a two-day workshop attended by educational researchers and professionals. The workshop was designed to present and discuss a variety of recent academic research on the subject of social diversity at school, with a particular focus on the question of investments in policies geared to fostering such diversity.

Consistent with its research strategy, the Economics Research Centre strives to disseminate and open its research work to a broader audience. One example of this approach concerns the Economics Research Centre’s participation in the long-form publication “Papy-boom, histoire d'un hold-up”, an immersive, illustrated document highlighting the related white paper’s conclusions.
Pierre Courtioux, Deputy Director of the Research Centre, led the second cycle of the Nice Interviews, a series of interactive economic conferences organised in partnership with the City of Nice and the Nice Matin newspaper. The next two debates on "Questions of Education" – “Faut-il investir dans les politiques de Mixité sociale à l'école ?” and  “Comment financer l'enseignement supérieur” - are due to take place at Nice’s Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen at 6.30pm on 16 May and 8.00pm on 13 June, respectively.


The EDHEC Family Business Centre is organising a conference on the theme “Reasons and sentiments": the emotions, history and strategy of family businesses” in Lille and Paris on 11 and 12 May 2017. Family firms play an essential role in the world economy and one of their most fascinating aspects is the importance played by time in the relationship between families and their businesses. This subject provides a unique opportunity to relate the history of know-how and business development to the history of one or more families. To date, however, little research has been undertaken on the direct two-way influence between family history and emotions, and the endurance and success of family businesses. The promising conference is due to gather together historians, family-business members, researchers and specialists with a view to eradicating the deficit of knowledge in this area.
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Riccardo Rebonato speaking on fixed-income smart beta at L’AGEFI Day: Indexing, ETF & Smart Beta Summit in London
Riccardo Rebonato, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School and Member, EDHEC-Risk Institute, will be speaking on the theme of fixed-income smart beta at L’AGEFI Day: Indexing, ETF & Smart Beta Summit in London on 8 June, 2017. The conference is dedicated to institutional investors, multi-managers, private bankers and family officers and will focus on the key aspects of modern investment approaches including indexing, single and multi-factor portfolios and smart beta solutions.
The aim is to help delegates to better understand the details of how modern benchmarks are built and how they should be analysed and used.


ERI Scientific Beta indices available on Bloomberg, Datastream and Markit
ERI Scientific Beta is pleased to announce that a number of its smart factor and multi smart factor indices, covering different regions, currencies and data types (price index, total return index, net return index), are disseminated by Bloomberg, Datastream and Markit, three of the world's leading providers of market data.  The list of indices concerned, together with the corresponding tickers/mnemonics/ClusterMarks, are enclosed in the attached file


Felix Goltz to unveil the results of the EDHEC-Risk European ETF & Smart Beta Survey 2016 on 8 June, 2017 in London
At the  Indexing, ETF & Smart Beta Summit organised by L'Agefi on 8 June, 2017 in London, Felix Goltz, Research Director at ERI Scientific Beta and Head of Applied Research at EDHEC-Risk Institute, will be speaking on the theme "Investor Perceptions about ETFs and Smart Beta Strategies" which will examine the following questions: How has investors' usage of ETFs evolved over time?, What are the current practices for smart beta and factor investing? and Which challenges do investors face when evaluating smart beta and factor investing strategies?

Four-University Rotating FinTech Conference: Wealth Management Systems for Individual Investors
26 April, New York, Unites States
This conference will take place on Princeton Campus, and jointly organised by EDHEC-Risk Institute and Princeton University ORFE department.
Conférence EDHEC Entreprises Familiales 2017
11 & 12 May- Lille - Paris, France
This conference stands as a promising meeting point between business historians, family business members, scholars and practitioners to address these gaps in knowledge.
Advances in Asset Allocation Seminar
15-17 May, London, United Kingdom
This renowned seminar is an intensive three-day course that will provide participants with an in-depth appreciation of the concepts and techniques that will shape the future of investment management.
EDHEC-Risk Smart Beta Day Germany 2017
22 June 2017 - Munich, Germany
EDHEC-Risk Smart Beta Day enables participants to have access to the latest conceptual advances and research results in smart beta investing, and to discuss their implications and applications with researchers who combine expertise in advanced financial techniques with a sound awareness of their industry relevance.

In the last quarter, EDHEC Research activities and expertises aroused the interest of the international and French press once again.
- ( 01/02/2017): How to Make an Impact in Your Family Business: The Triple Requirement by Rania Labaki, Director at EDHEC Family Business Centre
- ( 10/04/2017): EDHEC position paper says there should be a reduction in Solvency II calibration of property investments
- ( 06/04/2017): How to Use Family Business History as a Strategic Resource by Ludovic Cailluet, Professor of Strategy and Business History and member of the EDHEC Family Business Centre at EDHEC Business School
- The Hedge Fund Journal (16/03/2017): EDHEC-Risk Publishes New publication entitled Smart Beta Replication Costs

Emmanuel Metais named new Dean of EDHEC Business School
EDHEC Business School is pleased to announce the appointement of Emmanuel Métais as the new Dean of EDHEC Business School. He succeeds Olivier Oger who has led the School since 1988. He will assume this role on 1 July, bearing in mind that Olivier Oger will be working with him until the end of the year.
In accordance with the recruitment process announced a few months ago, the Selection Committee* set up to choose the new Dean examined both internal and external candidates, based on research conducted by the global executive search firm Korn Ferry International.

EDHEC - The leading French Business School and in the Top 3 in Europe
EDHEC stands out in 2017 as the French business school with the highest number of A grades, with a special mention for the excellence of its teaching (4 A grades out of 4) and its international orientation (3 A grades out of 4)..


EDHEC-Risk Director Lionel Martellini appointed member of the Consultative Working Group of ESMA’s Financial Innovation Standing Committee
We are honoured to announce that Lionel Martellini, Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School and Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute, has been invited to join industry stakeholders of the Consultative Working Group (CWG) which advises the European Securities and Markets Authority's (ESMA's) Financial Innovation Standing Committee (FISC), alongside twenty-four fellow members.
ESMA has established the CWG to benefit from the expertise of stakeholders who are involved in the topic of financial innovation. ESMA looks to this group to provide expert advice regarding its work on Financial Innovation.

EDHEC Research - Key figures - Year 2016 - 2017
Research budget 15,5M€
Professors & researchers 166
Corporate support 10M€
Directors & Executives participating at research events +3000

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