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EDHEC-Risk’s 10th European ETF and Smart Beta Survey brings new insights on drivers for product adoption & challenges faced by investors

EDHEC-Risk Institute has announced the results of the 10th EDHEC European ETF and Smart Beta Survey, a comprehensive survey of 211 European ETF and smart beta investors, conducted as part of the Amundi research chair at EDHEC-Risk Institute on “ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta Investment Strategies”. EDHEC-Risk Institute has conducted a regular ETF survey since 2006, providing a detailed account of European investor perceptions and practices in the domain of ETFs and smart beta strategies over the past decade.

The present survey aims to provide insights into investor perceptions on exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and smart beta strategies. While there is ample discussion by market participants on these high growth areas of asset management and industry data is widely available, conducting a survey allows us to gather a systematic and quantified account of investors’ views, experiences and future plans. We thus hope to provide useful insights, building on analysing the current responses and relating them to past results of our regular surveys.

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Criminal Risks Management is a crucial strategic challenge for organisations

Video Portrait of Bertrand Monnet, Professor at EDHEC Business School and Holder of the chair Criminal Risks Management.

EDHEC experts gets involved in businesses innovation and public debate

How Reverend Bayes Can Help You Manage Your Portfolio?
By Riccardo Rebonato, Professor of Finance, EDHEC-Risk Institute member, EDHEC Business School
How would your portfolio fare if the Euro were to break up next month?

The cooperative workplace starts with citizenship
By Anne Witte, Professor, Department of Culture and Society, EDHEC Business School. Specialized in the interaction between society, culture and business.
Anyone who has ever worked in a team has undoubtedly encountered differing levels of member contribution, engagement, and commitment.

Failing Intelligently
By George Tovstiga, PhD, Professor of Strategy, EDHEC Business School (Paris); it draws on insights gained from trategy practice, executive education and consulting.
Failure is inevitable. While firms obsess over success, they tend to forget that the far more probable outcome of their endeavour is failure.

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The EDHEC European ETF and Smart Beta Survey 2016


Mass Customisation Versus Mass Production in Retirement Investment Management: Addressing a"Tough Engineering Problem"


Long-Short Commodity Investing: A Review of the Literature


Crude Oil Futures Markets: Are the Benefits of "Roll Yield" Real?



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EDHECInfra is releasing 384 infrastructure debt and equity indices
EDHEC Infrastructure Institute-Singapore (EDHECinfra), in partnership with the Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA) and NATIXIS is releasing 384 infrastructure debt and equity indices that will change the way investors measure infrastructure investment performance and allow multi-trillion dollar increases in allocation to infrastructure globally.
The new EDHECinfra debt and equity indices can be consulted via the following links: EDHECinfra Debt Indices - EDHECinfra Equity Indices

AGEFI Day: Indexing, ETF & Smart Beta Summit
The AGEFI Day: Indexing, ETF & Smart Beta Summit, which took place in London on June 8th, was dedicated to institutional investors, multi-managers, private bankers and family officers.
During this summit, Felix Goltz, Head of Applied Research, EDHEC-Risk Institute & Research Director, ERI Scientific Beta, presented the results of the 10th EDHEC European ETF and Smart Beta Survey, sponsored by Amundi.
Riccardo Rebonato, professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School and Member of EDHEC-Risk Institute was the speaker of the primary session « Smart Beta in Fixed-Income ».
Video Replays are available on the conference website.

EDHEC-Risk Smart Beta Day Amsterdam 2017
21 Novembre 2017 - Amsterdam
This conference is organised by an academic research centre for the benefit of professionals. It presents the research carried out by EDHEC-Risk Institute and discusses it with the institutional investor and financial advisory communities.
EDHEC-Risk Smart Beta Day North America 2017
6 Décember 2017 - New York
This conference is organised by an academic research centre for the benefit of professionals. It presents the research carried out by EDHEC-Risk Institute and discusses it with the institutional investor and financial advisory communities

In the last quarter, EDHEC Research activities and expertises aroused the interest of the international and French press once again.
- ETF Strategy (08/06/2017) : Amundi/EDHEC study reveals significant uptake of smart beta ETFs
- Propertyfundsworld ( 13/06/2017) : EDHEC launches ‘game-changing’ infrastructure indices. EDHEC Infrastructure Institute-Singapore (EDHECinfra) is releasing 384 infrastructure debt and equity indices.
- FT Adviser (14/06/2017) : Smart beta transparency woes remain. 2016 European ETF and Smart Beta Survey
- NYU STERN (19/06/2017) : Vigilance or compliance? On the new French “vigilance” law. Guest blog by Bjorn Fasterling, Business Ethics Professor at EDHEC Business School..

EDHEC’s Master in Finance programme tops the FT’s global ranking
This programme’s rise in the rankings is particularly attributable to EDHEC’s “international exposure” (an FT criterion) in the field of finance and notably its positioning as an institution that conducts Research for Business, currently flying the flag under the “Make an Impact” slogan.
In fact, since 2001 and the creation of EDHEC-Risk Institute (ERI), an applied research centre in the area of asset allocation and financial risk management, EDHEC has become a reference in the global financial industry and produced two ERI spin-offs: Scientific Beta, a global leader in the design and production of indices offering alternatives to traditional market indices, and EDHECinfra, a research entity dedicated to infrastructure-project financing and risk assessment. Today, these entities generate combined annual research revenues in excess of €15 million.
Furthermore, the success of this programme is thanks to EDHEC’s excellent faculty, whose international renown has attracted the interest of students. The faculty includes the likes of Noël Amenc – Professor of Finance and CEO of Scientific Beta, Lionel Martellini – Professor of Finance and Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute, Dominic O’Kane – Professor of Finance and Raman Uppal – Professor of Finance.
EDHEC Research - Key figures - Year 2016 - 2017
Research budget 15,5M€
Professors & researchers 166
Corporate support 10M€
Directors & Executives participating at research events +3000

EDHEC Research Highlights - No. 54 - July 2017
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