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About EDHECinfra

EDHECinfra is a provider of market indices, benchmarks and valuation analytics for investors in unlisted infrastructure equity and private debt. EDHECinfra maintains the infraMetrics® platform: an online information system that gives access to key market indices including the infra300® and infra100® series. InfraMetrics® also includes a wealth of valuation data and analytics, risk metrics, a fund strategy analysis tool providing robust performance quartiles for any segment, strategy or vintage, and peer group analyses allowing investors to compare themselves against comparable segments of the market.



We are looking for someone to work with Marketing and Client Services to enhance and maintain our corporate website https://edhec.infrastructure.institute

The responsibilities would be as follows:

  • Create visually appealing pages along with basic mock-ups to facilitate discussions with stakeholders.
  • Maintain the website and ensure high availability
  • Migrate our documentation website (https://docs.edhecinfra.com) from Confluence to the corporate website
  • Applying SEO principles including meta tags, scripts, site navigation, structured data, image optimization, mobile-friendly UI.
  • Improving loading speed and website responsiveness, make sure all website elements are fully responsive.
  • Working with various plug-ins and widgets, including Monster Insights, AIOSEO and WP forms, EventOn and other.
  • Provide seamless interaction between WP site and Salesforce (via WPforms, events etc.)
  • Provide website analytics and main traffic stats.




  • At least 2 years of experience creating websites using Wordpress
  • Good eye for design aesthetics e.g. margin, padding, font sizes, animation timing, etc.
  • Ability to create good UX design
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently as the successful candidate would be the only person working on the website from a technical perspective
  • Strong HTML and CSS skills
  • Familiar with mocking tools for basic mock-ups (e.g. Adobe CS, Figma etc.)
  • Experience with PHP is a plus
  • Experience with MySQL is a plus
  • Familiarity with LaTeX is a plus
  • Experience with GA4 is a plus


Compensation: competitive

Attractive salary and bonus, healthcare and pension plan coverage.


A work permit is necessary.


Flexible work is available, but with an expectation of a minimum three days in the office.


To apply for this offer, please send a CV and a cover letter.