The AI-enabled Tech Foresight Summit co-hosted by the EDHEC FIT Chair

'AI has the potential to revolutionize Innovation management. It could have a strong impact on brining R&D cost down, make innovating faster and more accessible to small companies.” says René Rohrbeck, Director of the Chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation.

Our understanding about where and how to use AI for driving innovation is still patch. At the FIT chair we want to find out which practices work? What experiences corporates have with their first trials? Which tools are available? And also What are the frontiers for future development?

For the second time the FIT Chair co-hosts the AI-enabled Tech Foresight Summit together with Itonics, a leading vendor of innovation management software and Rohrbeck Heger, a boutique consultancy specialized on strategic foresight + innovation.

The event will take place on September 23, 2020 in Berlin ( Germany).

The summit is a unique platform for corporates and AI experts to meet and discuss the next generation solutions”, says René Rohrbeck.

At the summit René Rohrbeck will lead the panel on “The Cyborg Strategic Designer” that will explore how AI and humans will work together to design the products and services of the future. He will be joined by Didier BOULET, Group Chief Design Officer of Thales, Claudia POHLINK, Head of AI at the Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories and Benno Blumoser, Innovation Head at Siemens AI Lab. The panel will explore how we perceive the future of AI, what challenges remain and what we need to get right to make AI a success. IT will discuss the importance of robust AI and purpose-driven AI. We also want to discuss the challenge to balance visionary competencies and data management competencies to create new attractive businesses.

Here are the best moments of the AI-enabled Tech Foresight Summit held in the Soho House Berlin on 20th Feb 2019: