Corporate Foresight Lab at Innovation Roundtable

At the flagship event of the Innovation Roundtable, the Summit 2019 in Copenhagen, Rene ROHRBECK, Director at the Chair for Foresight, Innovation & Transformation will host a Lab on “FROM AD HOC FORESIGHTING TO USING STRATEGIC RADARS, SCENARIOS, AND VENTURING TO INFORM INNOVATION

Participants will have a chance to assess their foresight capabilities using our maturity model  and discuss the state-of-the art in using AI and automation in technology foresight.

We believe that the real challenge for firms is not discovering emerging technologies, but understanding when to invest (timing), how to invest (alone, with partners, through acquisition), and how to allow for cross fertilisation between market and technology development units to create breakthrough innovations.

The Lab will answer three questions:

How to build adaptive foresight sensors?
How to leverage the internal and external stakeholder landscape to translate foresight into action?
How to leverage AI to automate technology foresight?