Focus groups on French artisan and agrotouristic family businesses for the ARTISAN Project

On the 12th of July 2017, the EDHEC Family Business Centre, partner of the ARTISAN European Consortium, organized a focus group meeting as part of the ARTISAN Project Empirical Study.


The focus group aimed at exploring the perceptions of different family business members, leading to identifying the skill needs required for a successful generational transition in the artisan and agro-tourism sectors.

The meeting took place at EDHEC Business School in Lille. Participants shared highlights of the history of their agrotouristic and artisan businesses, putting forward the specificities and challenges of the succession process across generations. They also discussed the relevance of key competencies for the next generation to take over the business in the increasingly changing environment.

The exchanges among participants proved to be very fruitful and set the stage for the next steps of the ARTISAN project.