Masterclass on New Frontiers in Retirement Investing

The first half-day of the masterclass will focus both on the technicalities of the products which are specific for retired and senior citizens (namely “CQP”, “APE” and Reverse Mortgages) but it will also develop a marketing and strategic approach to “senior finance and lending”. It will be presented by professor Umberto Filotto who has a vast academic background of research and personal lending combined with a two decade professional experience as Secretary General of the Italian Consumer and Mortgage Credit Association.

The aim of the second half-day of the masterclass is to provide participants with an introduction to the modern financial engineering and risk management techniques which will allow a new breed of investment managers to design and implement innovative forms of welfare-improving retirement investment solutions for their clients. This section is presented in a highly accessible manner by Professor Lionel Martellini, who combines academic expertise and industry experience. It strikes a balance between the exploration of new investment approaches and an analysis of practical applications, and contains integrative case studies providing step-by-step implementation examples.

For further information, please contact Caroline Prévost, EDHEC-Risk Institute at or on +33 493 183 496.