[Webinar] 3 things we learned about infrastructure investment during Covid-19

EDHECinfra is pleased to invite you to an interactive webinar to present the 2020Q1 release of the EDHECinfra indices including an in-depth analysis of the estimated impact of Covid-19 on performance and risk in infrastructure portfolios.


Frederic Blanc-Brude
Director @EDHECinfra
Frédéric joined EDHEC in 2012 after 10 years of private sector experience in the infrastructure finance field, and direct involvement in more than USD6bn of transactions. His research work focuses on asset pricing applied to highly illiquid assets and the stochastic modelling of cash flows in infrastructure projects. He has published papers in economics and finance journals, recently co-authored a book on the valuation of unlisted infrastructure equity and debt investments and is a regular contributor to the press.

Abhishek Gupta
Senior Product Specialist @EDHECinfra
Abhishek is a Senior Research Engineer and Product Specialist, leading the applied research of unlisted infrastructure and advising benchmarking solutions to prospective clients. He joined EDHEC in 2018 after several years of experience in the asset management industry including working as a quantitative analyst with a private fund manager.