Assignment of image rights

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• any EDHEC pedagogical or corporate event;
• any EDHEC association event.

and to:
• reproduce my image captured in this way by all technical processes, whether known or unknown at present (graphic, photographic, digital, etc.), on all media, and notably the EDHEC Business School newsletter, any journal, any medium that EDHEC Business School might use or create to promote itself, etc… or any medium belonging to a partner of EDHEC Business School, on all formats, for an unlimited number of uses, in full or in part, together or separately, for institutional communication purposes.

• communicate to the public my image captured in this way and reproduced, in full or in part, via any means of broadcasting or dissemination, whether known or unknown at present, and particularly communication by electronic means (internet, extranet, intranet site, etc., whatever the format (html, etc.)), whatever the reception vector and device, as well as the release of my image to the public, by whatever analogue or digital process (and particularly downloading, uploading, etc.) or whatever audiovisual, mobile telephone or fixed telephone method of transmission used;

EDHEC Business School agrees not to develop any montage that might present me in a discrediting or demeaning situation; any text or comments accompanying the reproduction or representation of my full or partial image in the conditions referred to above shall not be detrimental to my reputation or private life.

This assignment of rights is granted – for exploitation throughout the world – for the duration of studies plus three years from the date of electronic signature of the assignment.

It is granted free of charge.

I do not attach any reservations or restrictions to the photograph(s) referred to above or to the rights of use.

I guarantee that I am not bound by any agreement with a third party, of any type whatsoever, which by purpose or effect limits or prevents the execution of this authorisation. This authorisation may be withdrawn at any time subject to prior written notification, addressed to EDHEC Business School.

In the event of disagreement, the parties shall seek amicable settlement of any disagreement that might arise in relation to this assignment of rights. In the event of persistent disagreement, the Lille courts shall be competent and French law shall be the only one applicable.