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EDHEC Master
€ 3,20

Ad'lib is EDHEC’s music association. We are a melting pot of 50 different people who share a passion for music, though without specialising in a particular style. We love music in all its diversity, whether jazz, techno, funk or rock. We work on five projects that bring rhythm to the daily life of EDHEC students and the inhabitants of Lille in general: the Perno Festival, the Nocturnes, the Jam's, La Nordisque media and collective, and an eco-responsible open air event. Ad’lib also co-organises the Perno Festival. Being a member of Ad'lib means taking part in the Perno adventure and having the chance to organise a festival with the artists of your choice, while also bringing happiness to young people in social centres: each entry ticket sold is used to buy a Christmas present.