Dionysos EDHEC

Programme de référence: 
EDHEC Master
€ 10,00

Dionysos is a cultural association founded under France’s Law of 1901. Its mission is to enable EDHEC students to discover the art of wine tasting, the world of wine and the heritage associated with it. Dionysos organises tastings featuring prestigious names like Bollinger and Château Cheval Blanc, as well as cocktail events. Each year, the association manages all aspects of the launch of a champagne vintage, which involves choosing the producer, arranging a large-scale launch event, prospecting for the funds required by the project and selling bottles of the finished product. We also prepare a book retracing all our events during the year and write numerous articles on the world of wine. Lastly, Dionysos takes part in prestigious national and international tasting competitions, along with major universities such as Harvard and Oxford.