Schola Africa

Programme de référence: 
EDHEC Master
€ 60 000

Schola Africa is an international solidarity association that has been improving access to schooling and professional training for 18 years in Burkina Faso and for a more recent period in Senegal. The association has already enabled 20 classrooms to be built, which means around 1,000 children study in them every year, bearing in mind that another four classrooms are currently being built. We have also developed numerous related projects geared to improving the conditions of education, such as distributing solar lamps to overcome the lack of electricity, building rainwater tanks to improve access to good-quality water and ensuring children from the 14 villages in which we are active are recorded on the census and therefore have a legal existence. Schola Africa also runs a needlework training centre which welcomes 15 young women a year for a full three years of training leading to an officially-recognised diploma in Burkina Faso. This enables them to gain a certain degree of financial independence.

Schola Africa | Vidéo de présentation 2015 from Schola Africa on Vimeo.