Practice-Oriented Research in Law

For more than a decade, EDHEC Business School has been conducting cutting-edge research at the nexus of law, corporate strategy, management and ethics. A pioneer in the field, EDHEC has now folded its renowned LegalEDHEC Research Centre into the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute. Its goal is to provide top-level academic expertise and timely insights into the transformation underway in the law and the legal profession in the digital and artificial intelligence (AI) era.



Latest Research Outputs



Webinar: Competing Algorithms for Law

CGM's Virtual Seminar Series on The Future of Law in Technology and Governance, University of Pittsburgh | Jan 2021





Academic Publications


Antitrust Bulletin, Volume: 67 issue: 2, page(s): 208-236, June 2022
Anne C. Witt
Research in Law and Economics, Volume 30, pp 189-99, 2022
Frank Fagan
Journal of Consumer Marketing, December 2021
Gianclaudio Malgieri
Revue de l’OFCE, N. 175, Décembre 2021
Pierre Courtioux


Emmanuelle Deglaire


François Métivier


Antoine Rebérioux



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Research Programmes

The EDHEC Augmented Law Institute leads 6 research programmes on legal transformation. Its research efforts focus on the ALLL - Augmented Law, Lawyers and Lawyering programme. 

Through this research programme, the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute aims to answer some of the burning questions affecting the legal profession and explain how the world's law and tax systems are integrating the challenges of digitalisation, the development of big data and AI:

- How do the law and taxation incorporate the myriad new challenges associated with digitalisation, AI, Big Data, data analysis, etc?
- What legal and ethical risks do these technologies raise and how do we manage them?
- What are the impacts of these phenomena on the practice of law in companies and law offices? What are the effects on the recruitment of "augmented" legal professionals?
- How can this new reality be turned into an economic and organisational opportunity?


Legal Performance

Role of lawyers and advocates in/for companies
Strategic impact of the law
Managing the corporate legal function


Regulatory & Ethical Compliance

Effectiveness of compliance measures
Ethical cultures
Internal investigations and
internal reporting processes


Legal Risk Management

Legal risk analysis
Legal risk mapping
Areas of legal risk
(anti-trust, intellectual property, corruption,etc)


Ethics & Human Rights

Human rights and new economic models
Human rights due diligence
Big data & privacy, anti-discrimination



EDHEC Augmented Law Institute research projects include some recurring themes and key words.  

The protection of digital consumers, and the regulation of the digital single market, at the intersections between of intellectual property law, consumer protection law and data protection law. This Digital law research includes the analysis of the legal flow of digital goods and of of personal and non-personal data (looking atexamining the intersection of the EU Directive on the DDigital content Content & and Digital Sservices directive with other EU sources); the inalienable or proprietary-based nature of personal information in conflict with intellectual property rights (e.g.,such as trade secrets); the applicability of consumer law to the digital challenges, in particular, the intersection between thewhere the EU Unfair Commercial Practice Directive, the Unfair Terms Directive and the GDPR in intersect with key topics like such as dark patterns, digital manipulation and online power imbalances.  By Gianclaudio Malgieri, Associate Professor of Law & Technology.

TThe regulation of AI-driven decisions: , from the right to explanation of Automated automated Decisions decisions to Algorithmic algorithmic iImpact Assessmentsassessments, with a special focus on the EU efforts towards to develop an "‘Artificial artificial Intelligence intelligence Actact". ’. This research projectAI regulation research includes the interdisciplinary analysis of AI applications in different fields (healthcare, credit scoring, and tax law, for instance) and of the possible differentpotential solutions to reach ensuring accountable, justifiable, and trustworthy AI. The analysed method to reach these goals is theUsing a risk-based approach. Accordingly, this, this research aims also to address the problematic topic of "risks" to fundamental rights and freedoms in the field of AI applications. Gianclaudio Malgieri, Associate Professor of Law & Technology.

"Impact Future Generations" Research

In line with EDHEC’s strategy to ‘Make an Impact’, the Augmented Law Institute's research work is intended to feed into EDHEC's training programmes, the legal industry, businesses and society. Innovation, data protection, corporate legal risks in companies, compliance, ethics and human rights, artificial intelligence, talents and skills, ... the law has to change and adapt while bringing about change. At the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, the impact of research takes many forms.



A Leading International Research Team

Christophe ROQUILLY, PhD

Professor, Director of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute, Co-Director of the EDHEC LL.M Law & Tax Management Programme, Honorary Dean for Faculty and Research
Teaching field: Law


Christophe COLLARD

Professor, Co-Director of the EDHEC LL.M Law & Tax Management Programme, Director of the Business Law & Management Track, EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
Teaching field: Law


Frank FAGAN, PhD

Professor, Scientific Director, EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
Teaching field: Law




Professor, Director of "Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs" Faculty, Researcher, EDHEC Augmented Law Institute

Teaching field: Business Ethics, Human Rights, Law



Emmanuelle DEGLAIRE, PhD

Associate Professor, Researcher, EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
Teaching field: Law and Tax



Gianclaudio MALGIERI

Associate Professor, Researcher, EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
Teaching field: Law and Technology




Affiliate Professor, Researcher, EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
Teaching field: Law




Professor, Researcher, EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
Teaching field: Economics


Anne WITT, PhD

Professor, Researcher, EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
Teaching field: Law



Soufiane Kherrazi is a doctoral student and research engineer at EDHEC Augmented Law Institute.






Jérôme Frizzera-Mogli is Head of Innovation & Business Development at EDHEC Augmented Law Institute. Graduate of EDHEC and former lawyer at the Paris Bar.

Jérôme Frizzera-Mogli has 18 years of experience in Internet and technology projects, notably as an Accenture consultant, manager of 2 start-ups (leaders in their market) and investment fund manager.

He has been working for 5 years on the transformation of legal professions. In particular, he assists law firms in their onboarding, talent development and transmission strategies. He is a lecturer for Les Echos Formation and The School of Life Paris.



Professor of Law at EDHEC Business School until 2013, Cédric Manara joined Google as Senior Legal Counsel, Copyright, EMEA. He holds a doctorate in private law and specialises in intellectual property and e-commerce law. He has been recognised by the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice as one of the best and most influential French specialists in the field. As lead columnist of the Revue Dalloz, he has published numerous articles on the application of intellectual property law to the digital economy. Cédric has also served as a domain dispute resolution panellist at the Arbitration Center for Internet Disputes ( He is listed in the EU Directory of Academic Experts in the field of Consumer Policy and Consumer Affairs.



Eleonora Rosati is Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Director of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Market Law (IFIM) at Stockholm University and Of Counsel at Bird & Bird. She is also Guest Professor at CEIPI-University of Strasbourg, an Associate of CIPIL-University of Cambridge and Editor of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice.



 Rémy Sainte Fare Garnot

Rémy Sainte Fare Garnot has enjoyed a long and illustrious career as a jurist and has worked as legal director of several large companies (Goodyear, Elf Aquitaine and Soparind Bongrain). He brings his extensive experience in legal management and vast knowledge of the legal role, compliance and the management of legal risks to the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute.





Sharing our research


Consistent with EDHEC Business School's efforts to make management sciences accessible, applicable and useful, the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute pursues an active strategy to share its research to support innovation in the legal world, through:

Innovative content


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Academic and Professional Events


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Media articles and Opinions


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The EDHEC Augmented Law Institute is also very active in the academic sphere:

- Its research is often published in leading French and international management science and legal journals (Research Policy, Journal of Business Ethics, European Journal of Law and Economics, Cornell Law Review, Southern California Law Review, La Semaine Juridique édition Entreprise et Affaires, Revue Pratique de la Prospective et de l'Innovation, etc).

- Its professors are highly influential in the academic world: Christophe Roquilly, Professor and Director of the Augmented Law Institute is a member of the scientific councils of La Semaine Juridique édition Entreprise (Lexis Nexis), the Business & Legal Forum as well as Vice-President of the Cercle de la Compliance. Frank Fagan, Professor and member of the Institute is co-editor of Research in Law & Economics.

- The Institute has a strong presence in professional networks, including partnerships with the Association Francaise des Juristes d'Entreprise and the Business & Legal Forum and membership of the UN Forum for Business and Human Rights.



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