18 Jul

Who benefits from cyber-attacks?

In a recent article published on the singaporean technology website "The Tech Revolutionist", Philippe Very, professor of strategy and experts in the area of the management of economic crime at EDHEC Business School, tackles the question of the benefits of Cyber-criminality whereas most experts point out their costs
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19 Jun

More Science, Less Magic in Creating Products People Want

Imagine yourself as a scientist. Your work is built around experimentation, data collection and analysis. Hypothesis are formed which you prove or disprove in searching for answers. The science community is replete with stories of pioneering advances that seemed to happen by chance. Yet on closer inspection, success was attained after a long process of learning, tenacity and open-mindedness. This scientific mindset can be applied to business innovation.
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06 Jun

How Reverend Bayes Can Help You Manage Your Portfolio?

How would your portfolio fare if the Euro were to break up next month? Would the degree of diversification that you assumed in its construction still hold? Would the realized returns (say, of Bunds, BTPs or OATs) bear a passable resemblance to what you assumed?
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24 May

The cooperative workplace starts with citizenship

Anyone who has ever worked in a team has undoubtedly encountered differing levels of member contribution, engagement, and commitment.
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11 May

Video Portrait of Bertrand Monnet "Criminal Risks Management is a crucial strategic challenge for organisations"

« I graduated in St-Cyr, the French Military Academy. I was an officer in French Army but I decided to leave after a couple of years.
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12 Apr

Making A Difference with Customer Experience Management

With mobile and social technologies, customers are always online and connected to a personalized universe of at-the-ready data and intelligence. No longer are they satisfied with generic offerings; rather, they seek personalized and contextualized experiences from their interactions with any company, at any point in time, through any channel.
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