21 Jan

How to be a born global start-up?

Sabine Ruaud and Peter Daly, professors at EDHEC Business School together with Dr
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15 Dec

Corporate foresight improves company performance

In our recent study, we find that companies that strategically prepare themselves for the future outperform other companies – both in terms of profits and company value
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09 Dec

'In a career, what really counts in the end is the way we are with others'

What attitude should we adopt when facing issues? What behaviour should we have in order to pursue our dreamed career?
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07 Dec

The importance of a company's ethical code

The ethical code of a company is a good practices charting, applicable to all third parties of the company’s environment.
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05 Nov

Competitors of the Future: why they matter and how to prepare for them

Driven by unprecedented technological, economic and social change, it is estimated that 50% of the current S&P 500 will be replaced over the next ten years[1].
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04 Nov

Expanding corporate foresight

In a podcast published on FuturePod, an online channel sharing the wisdom of the founders of the Futures and Foresight field and be inspired by fresh thinking from emerging thought leaders, 
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17 Oct

The promises and perils of crowdlending

Crowdlending has emerged in recent years as an innovative way to finance new ventures and small companies. However, digitalized funding is a new technology itself and it is often subject to mispricing and inefficiencies.
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02 Oct

Predictive justice: failsafe or false promise?

How we use the legal system is changing in the face of increasingly complex legal norms, both from a volume and technical perspective.
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13 Sep

Family Businesses-Suppliers Relationships: Standing The Test of Time

A recent discussion with the Head of supplier relations of a family owned-premium kitchen furniture maker revealed that its key hardware supplier was also a family business.
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30 Aug

Education 2030: Preparing for the future

In an age of change where the status quo is being questioned, how can educators bring a new society into the world? 
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