20 Nov

The critical ‘when?’ question in strategy

Time matters in strategy. Should a firm enter a market now - or later?  Does it need to move quickly when doing so? Timing matters, but there are no clear rules.
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29 Oct

Single fathers: a market segment still ignored by brands

Whereas gender studies show that boundaries between female and male genders are increasingly blurred in our post-modern era, maternal and paternal roles are also tending to blur. What we are seeing is the emergence of a new social norm, being “a father and a mother” combined. Do advertisers, brands and marketers take this new social norm properly into account? Are single fathers considered as a new market segment? How to better understand and satisfy single-fathers families?
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20 Sep

Are ETFs still popular with investors?

The exchange-traded funds (ETF) seem to be very popular among the existing investment vehicules and ETFs are perhaps one of the greatest financial innovations of recent years, as they combine the advantages of mutual funds and common stocks
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26 Jun

Social Media Regulation: Content Control vs. Platform Nudging

Should social media be regulated?  If so, how? 
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04 Jun

Another change? How to let go of the old

When was the last time you experienced a change in your professional life, at a personal level such as a change in company, team or position? Or maybe it was at an organizational level such as restructuring, rebranding, new processes in place of the old?
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24 May

Beyond GDPR: Big Data's Matthew Effect

Not only Privacy is at Stake. How Big Data and Advanced Data Analytics may Deepen Social Inequalities.
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17 May

"The investment industry [...] to answer the looming pension crisis"

 Lionel Martellini, Director at EDHEC-Risk Institute, argues that the investment industry should first adress the retirement needs. An opinion piece published in the Financial Times.
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27 Apr

Coaching to improve motivation

In a recent article posted on The Economist website, Julia Milner explains the importance of "shaping" leaders with coaching skills.
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