31 May

The Business of Convenience: Why Marketers Should Be Obsessed with ‘Fast’ and ‘Easy’

Uber and Lyft drivers are just 1 click away, Amazon offers free same-day delivery, and Deliveroo can get us food from our favorite restaurant in under 32 minutes… Gone are the days in which consumers agreed to invest effort and wait to be s
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07 May

Investors Care About Carbon Footprints

Climate change is disrupting markets and economies across the world. To combat the risks posed by global warming, an increasing number of national, state, and local governments are implementing policies to price carbon emissions. Investors are growing concerned with this source of risk and are working to reduce the carbon footprints of their investments. The financial consequences will be revolutionary.
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25 Apr

Improving Financial Literacy with Dedicated Education Campaigns

Individuals around the world are becoming increasingly responsible for their retirement savings and investment decisions.
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05 Apr

Pitching in English: what mistakes French entrepreneurs should avoid

Mastering the two-minute entrepreneurial pitch is a key skill required of entrepreneurs and all those who have to sell an idea in a business context.
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26 Mar

Climate Change: The Big Test for Public and Private Regulation?

Growing concerns about anthropogenic climate change have led to the rapid development of greenhouse gas regulations.
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15 Feb

When Giants Stumble

Companies stumble for numerous possible reasons. The seeds of corporate demise are often sown during periods of remarkable success, when companies get locked into complex corporate structures are difficult to abandon when the economic environment shifts. Internal dysfunctionalities nurtured by management complacency and exacerbated by functional myopia then only serve to accelerate the decline.
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20 Nov

The critical ‘when?’ question in strategy

Time matters in strategy. Should a firm enter a market now - or later?  Does it need to move quickly when doing so? Timing matters, but there are no clear rules.
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29 Oct

Single fathers: a market segment still ignored by brands

Whereas gender studies show that boundaries between female and male genders are increasingly blurred in our post-modern era, maternal and paternal roles are also tending to blur. What we are seeing is the emergence of a new social norm, being “a father and a mother” combined. Do advertisers, brands and marketers take this new social norm properly into account? Are single fathers considered as a new market segment? How to better understand and satisfy single-fathers families?
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20 Sep

Are ETFs still popular with investors?

The exchange-traded funds (ETF) seem to be very popular among the existing investment vehicules and ETFs are perhaps one of the greatest financial innovations of recent years, as they combine the advantages of mutual funds and common stocks
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