15 Jan

Case for new regulation of football transfers

Football’s winter transfer window officially opened. Already Philippe Coutinho’s transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona for €160 million and a net salary exceeding €10 million a year has triggered a degree of disbelief on the part of the public and the media. What should we think of these amounts and should we necessarily object to them? 
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12 Jan

Learning to live with disruption

It is difficult to identify an industry that will not be strongly impacted by the advances of artificial intelligence.Today’s companies will only survive if they learn to live with disruption.
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04 Jan

Authentic leadership and the story of your life

Do you know who you really are? Do others? These questions are at the very core of authentic leadership.
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15 Dec

Changing the way we strategize

Competitive environments are changing as never before. Many companies are being caught off guard. Playing by the old rules of the game no longer suffices because the game itself has changed. No industry sector has been left untouched. New ‘winners’ are emerging. These are redefining what “playing to win” means; they are changing the way they strategize.
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11 Dec

About Credit Reparing

In a recent interview with WalletHub, a financial blog, Milos Vulanovic, associate professor of Corporate Finance provides his expertise on how to fix damaged credit.
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30 Nov

Le leader, un manager qui a integré ses trois dimensions ?

Il existe parfois une confusion à nommer ceux qui encadrent des équipes ou des projets. Sont-ils des managers ou des leaders ? Il peut même arriver à chacun d’être tour à tour l’un et l’autre dans certaines circonstances.
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24 Nov

New ethics - aware world, New profession

  Right or wrong, legal or illegal: Is it that simple? In a world where the actions and policies of companies are increasingly under microscopic scrutiny, the role of Ethics & Compliance Officer has stepped into the limelight. 
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21 Nov

Digitalization of Healthcare - Digitalisation de la santé

Loïck Menvielle, Associate Professor of Marketing and expert of e-health and m-health, co-authored a book entitled “The Digitalization of Healthcare: new challenges and opportunities”. He provides a definition and presents the issues of the connected health nowadays. 
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20 Nov

Failing Intelligently

Failure is inevitable. While firms obsess over success, they tend to forget that the far more probable outcome of their endeavour is failure. Not even the best companies are exempt from this reality – and the stakes are high. Yet, failing intelligently may be an opportunity for business.
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