30 Nov

Le leader, un manager qui a integré ses trois dimensions ?

Il existe parfois une confusion à nommer ceux qui encadrent des équipes ou des projets. Sont-ils des managers ou des leaders ? Il peut même arriver à chacun d’être tour à tour l’un et l’autre dans certaines circonstances.
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24 Nov

New ethics - aware world, New profession

  Right or wrong, legal or illegal: Is it that simple? In a world where the actions and policies of companies are increasingly under microscopic scrutiny, the role of Ethics & Compliance Officer has stepped into the limelight. 
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21 Nov

Digitalization of Healthcare - Digitalisation de la santé

Loïck Menvielle, Associate Professor of Marketing and expert of e-health and m-health, co-authored a book entitled “The Digitalization of Healthcare: new challenges and opportunities”. He provides a definition and presents the issues of the connected health nowadays. 
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20 Nov

Failing Intelligently

Failure is inevitable. While firms obsess over success, they tend to forget that the far more probable outcome of their endeavour is failure. Not even the best companies are exempt from this reality – and the stakes are high. Yet, failing intelligently may be an opportunity for business.
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10 Nov

Amazon, Apple, Ethics, And Corporation Tax—Business School Professors Debate

Business school professors have their say as tech firms like Amazon and Apple come under intense scrutiny from the European Commission over corporate tax. Emmanuelle Deglaire, Professor of Tax at EDHEC is one of them.
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09 Nov

Fake Infra

Listed infrastructure, in its current form, cannot be called an asset class. Asset managers offering so called “infrastructure funds” are misleading investors. 
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07 Nov

Boosting your creativity with negative emotions: the case of self-conscious emotions

Take a moment and try to remember the last time you had an exceptional idea. How did you feel in that very moment, just before the spark of creativity hit you? Did this emotional state influence you in your creativity?
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06 Nov

Interview with Philippe Foulquier: our research fosters EDHEC's "Make an impact" motto

In a recent interview included in the EDHEC Research Highlights newsletter, Philippe Foulquier, Professor, Director of the Financial Analysis and Accounting (FAA) Research Centre, Director of the Executive MBA Paris and Academic Director of MSc Financial Management in European Apprenticeship Track at EDHEC Business School, explains how the research works of the FAA centre research benefit from and feed the exchanges with businesses and students. 
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27 Oct

Old masters, New Media

How do you overturn 200 years of hushed reverence for classic artworks? In search of a younger, digitally-engaged public, the Lille Palais des Beaux-Arts (Museum of Fine Arts) turned to EDHEC students for a touch of iconoclastic inspiration.
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20 Oct

A question of Law: WHEN ?

History shows that laws often happen when the time is ripe. A new book looks at the many different impacts of time and timing on lawmaking today and what it means for tomorrow.
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