Clone of Covid-19: information for our visitors and our students and their families


In order to protect the health of all and to contribute to slowing the spread of the epidemic, and in line with the statements of President Macron this evening, we confirm that as of Monday March 16th classes will no longer meet in person and student activities will be suspended on our Lille, Nice, and Paris campuses. Mechanisms are currently being put in place to allow you to continue your studies remotely as of March 25th at the latest. Your programme directors will be in touch with you shortly with more details relative to your programmes. For our international students who wish to return to their home countries, you will be able to complete the semester remotely. You can count on the mobilisation of us all in this evolving situation.


Dear Students/Participants,

We write to update you on new measures EDHEC is putting in place with respect to the current Coronvirus situation in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

Our campuses remain open at the current time and all services continue to be available. In the interests of all, we are nevertheless implementing new measures as from today, Wednesday 11 March.

In order to limit risks to staff, students and faculty, and following official recommendations on the subject, travel restrictions will go into place today for both students and staff. In a situation where many partners are pulling out of previously planned meetings and events, all travel planned outside France for study-related purposes (business trips, learning expeditions, treks) or in relation to student association projects, is cancelled through 30 April.
This difficult decision is made both in the interest of the health and safety of our entire community by reducing the risk of exposure during transport and in recognition of potential disruptions to international travel, health care, and country restrictions on entry from abroad.

Your programme directors or the head of student affairs will contact you very shortly if this decision impacts you.

These planned events represent important moments in your experience at EDHEC and we do not under-estimate the impact of these cancellation measures. They are rendered necessary by the circumstances and reflect our responsibility towards you and our shared responsibility to protect one and all.
We thank you for your understanding and co-operation in this matter. We urge you to stay attentive to all guidelines to take care of yourselves and those around you, and we remain attentive to you and your well-being.


Best regards,

Emmanuel Métais
Dean, EDHEC Business School





We are writing to inform you of the measures put in place by EDHEC in response to the Covid-19 epidemic. We would like to underline that at the current time, EDHEC has not recorded any case of contamination within its community, in France or abroad. However, the dynamic nature of the situation requires us all to be careful. We therefore remind you of the prevailing official hygiene and safety instructions here. Situations such as this call on our collective and individual responsibility to respect guidelines for the safety and health of all.

EDHEC’s management is paying the utmost attention to developments in the epidemic and is in continual connection with the information released by health and governmental authorities. A monitoring and response unit was set up on 28 January in order to determine and prepare for measures to implement as the situation evolves. The scope includes our five campuses and all our students on internship or exchange in zones considered to be at risk. This response unit also conveys information continuously within the School.  

Our primary objective is to protect the health of all students, professors and staff members, both in France and abroad, by complying strictly with the recommendations and instructions issued by the health and government authorities concerned. These are displayed on all our campuses and are regularly communicated to students and all staff. They are also permanently available on the EDHEC website and the MyEDHEC portal.

Our second objective is to adapt our teaching for students, so as to limit the impact of the various measures on the continuation of their studies. We are aware this point is a source of concern, but you can rest assured that we are taking all measures to ensure the continuity of our activities and to enable all students to be in a situation to validate their academic studies and thereby respond to the conditions for obtaining their degree at the end of their year. Teams across the institution are currently setting up mechanisms to best enable students to continue courses at distance or through other means if necessary. In zones at risk, our partner universities have postponed returns to campus by several weeks or set up all teaching online, depending on the situation.  

 We also continue to inform our various audiences regularly. To this end, we have determined a process and identified intermediaries on each campus tasked with ensuring continuous liaison between students and EDHEC management. Information is conveyed on a daily basis and in real-time when required. In the event of an increase in exchanges with these intermediaries, a dedicated e-mail address is ready to be activated to allow students and their families to contact us.

Alongside the work to ensure the academic well-being of our students, we remind you of the service in place to support mental well-being. A psychological support and counselling platform is available 24/7 in French and English.

- in France (0800 736 979)
- from abroad  (+44 118 214 0818 or Skype)
- website:

We are counting on your understanding and the collective responsibility of each of us to protect society as a whole and particularly the most fragile among us. Following the guidelines and recommendations and being attentive to others are fundamental pillars of the measures we must all take for everyone’s wellbeing. During these last few weeks, I have appreciated the responsiveness and constructive engagement shown by all in facing the situation in a professional and humane manner. I thank you all for continuing to support each other and our school.
Best regards,
Emmanuel Métais
Dean, EDHEC Business School





We are paying the greatest attention to developments in the Covid-19 epidemic, in line with information released by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the French government and all national or regional institutions covering the areas where our students are present.

This statement provides you with information on the latest decisions and measures taken by EDHEC. Note that the latest updates can be found on MyEDHEC as well as on the School’s website.

Since the decision to move to stage 2, following the identification of virus clusters – zones where the virus is circulating – in France, the objective is to slow the spread of the virus in France. To contribute to this objective, while taking into account the intensity of social life on campus, EDHEC has taken the following decisions:

- Maintain that all persons coming from a zone of risk or a cluster as determined by the government must defer their return to campus by 14 days. If this case applies to you, please notify the Hub by e-mail, citing Covid19 ( or in the object of your message and specifying your year and programme. The HUB will then make contact with your programme management.

- The following are considered to be zones of risk:
China (continental China, Hong Kong, Macao), South Korea, Singapore, Iran and three regions of Italy (Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna).

- The following are considered to be clusters:
- Oise Department (60): Creil, Crepy-en-Valois, Vaumoise, Lagny-le-Sec, Lamorlaye, Lacroix-Saint-Ouen
- Haute-Savoie Department (74): La Balme de Sillingy
- Morbihan Department (35): Auray, Carnac, Crac’h

This list is highly changeable and we therefore thank you in advance for checking the zones concerned directly on the French government website:

If you think you are showing any symptoms associated with coronavirus, you must follow the protocol defined by the authorities: self-isolate and contact the SAMU medical service by dialling 15.
And in the event you are concerned by these measures, we would also like you to inform us by e-mail as soon as possible, specifying your year and programme, and citing Covid19 in the object of your e-mail ( or

We remind you of the instructions to follow during this 14-day isolation period:

- Check your temperature twice daily.
- Watch out for any symptoms of respiratory infection (breathing difficulties, coughing, etc.).
- Wear a surgical mask when facing another person and when you have to go out.
- Wash your hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds, or with a hydro-alcoholic solution (supplies can be found in campus toilets and in thoroughfares on campus).
- Avoid touching your eyes and nose.
- Avoid contact with fragile persons (pregnant women, the chronically ill, elderly persons, etc.) and avoid places where such persons are gathered (hospitals, retirement homes, maternity facilities, etc.).
- Avoid closed public spaces frequented by many other people (cinemas, restaurants, etc.).


In addition, the authorities have also updated the official health instructions and hygiene measures:

- Avoid shaking hands with other people.
- Wash your hands regularly with soap or a hydro-alcoholic solution.
- When coughing or sneezing, take care to do so against the crook of your arm (inside the elbow) or the top of your arm,
- Use single use tissues,
- Call the SAMU medical service by dialling 15 in the event of symptoms,
- Stay at home if you are ill,
- Do not wear a mask if you are not ill.

We are aware that the situation may be a cause of concern: do not hesitate to speak to your entourage or contact our psychological support and counselling unit:

- From France (0805 23 0805 – code 5957)
- From abroad (+339. or Skype)
- Website:

You can count on our strictest vigilance in this matter. We know that the situation is highly changeable and will keep you informed in the event the authorities issue any new directives.

Further information can be obtained from:

- The French government’s information website
- The travel advice available from the WHO website
- FAQs of the World Health Organisation

For the general public, a toll-free number in France (0 800 130 000) has been set up by the Ministry for Solidarity and Health. It is open on a 24/7 basis. Note, however, that this phone platform is not authorised to dispense medical advice; such advice can be obtained from the SAMU medical service by dialling 15.





The situation with the coronavirus epidemic is evolving and EDHEC continues to monitor the public health situation with information from the World Health Organization, the French national and local authorities as well as with international authorities in regions in which our students are currently studying abroad.
We share with you here the latest updates on decisions and actions that EDHEC is undertaking as the situation evolves. Note that the latest updates can be found on MyEDHEC as well as on the EDHEC's institutional website.
With an increase in identified cases in Northern Italy and in South Korea, their national authorities have taken measures to avoid the spread of the virus. EDHEC is advising our students in these regions to follow the directives of their local institutions and to avoid travel and large gatherings.

In line with the recommendations of the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity, we highly recommend that people arriving in France from China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, Iran and the Italian regions of Lombardy and Venice, follow strictly these directions during 14 days following their return:

- To refrain from returning to campus for 14 days in order to respect the period of incubation.
If you are in this case please notify the HUB of your campus immediately so that we can be in touch shortly with information regarding your courses: or or alexandra (London Campus) being sure to indicate your year, your programme and making the message subject Covid19.


- Check temperature twice a day.
- Closely watch for symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, difficulty breathing).
- Wear a surgical mask when facing another person and when you have to go out.
- Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
- Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
- Avoid contact with people who may be fragile (pregnant women, chronically ill, elderly, …)
- Avoid places where there are fragile people (hospitals, homes for the elderly, maternity wards, …)
- Avoid going out when unnecessary (cinema, restaurants, large gatherings)
- Workers and students: to the degree possible, work from home and avoid close contact areas such as elevators, cafeterias, …)

If you are feeling any symptoms related to the coronavirus, the protocol is to self-isolate and contact the SAMU Center 15 and describe symptoms and share the details of your recent trip. Also:

- Avoid contact with those close to you and wear a mask
- Do not go to the doctor’s office or the emergency ward in order to avoid contamination
- Inform your programme again by email with subject Covid19 ( or

In addition, we wish to reiterate important tips and precautions all members of our community should take to stay healthy and remind you of the national and international protocols to minimize the spread of illness.

- Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
- Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
- Avoid close contact with people displaying flu symptoms.
- Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then immediately throw the tissue in the trash.
- Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
- Cook meat and eggs sufficiently.
- Avoid contact with wild animals.

We are aware that the situation is evolving and may cause you concern, you can count on our support. Some suggestions from the World Health Organization in managing stress related to the coronavirus is in the attached document. In addition, a psychological support and counselling unit is available 24/7 at the contacts below (for English speakers):

- in France (0800 736 979 )
- from abroad  (+44 118 214 0818 or Skype)
- website:

Further information can be obtained from:

- The French government’s information website
- The travel advice available from the WHO website
- FAQs of the World Health Organisation

We thank you for your cooperation and support. Your health and that of the entire EDHEC community are at the heart of our concerns.



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