Conferences of EDHEC RESEARCH DAY 2017 available on replay

The researchers and directors of EDHEC Business School's Research Centres shared the results of their work with companies and members of the public during the 9th edition of the EDHEC Research Day held on EDHEC’s Lille Campus on Tuesday 14 March. Nearly 900 people attended one or more of the 23 conferences proposed on the day. The videos of the debates are now available in replay. The main contributions from the Research Centres are presented below.

Along with researchers of the EDHEC Economics Research Centre, Arnaud Chéron, Director of the Centre and Pierre Courtioux, Deputy Director, opened the EDHEC Research Day with a "Grand Débat : se former, travailler, épargner et vieillir en France”.

Several LegalEdhec Research Centre professors also took part in the event. Christophe Collard spoke on the subject “Financement de l’innovation : pour ne pas être en retard d’une guerre, faut-il être en avance d’une loi ?”, Emmanuelle Deglaire discussed the topic “L’europe fiscale : tout ce qui a été fait vs tout ce qui reste à faire”, while Björn Fasterling and Geert Demuijnck talked on the theme “New ethical challenges related to disruptive changes in business models”.

Hosted by the members of the EDHEC Family Business Centre (EFBC), a sequence of 4 conferences was devoted to Family Businesses. The videos can be viewed by clicking on the following links: Fabian Bernhard “What the Grandfather did… Feeling guilty for past behaviour in the Family Business”, Philippe Foulquier “Les entreprises familiales sont-elles sous endettées ?” , Rania Labaki, Director of the EFBC, “Social innovation in thriving family businesses” and Lorraine Uhlaner “Responsible ownership in the family firm and its impact on firm performance”.

EDHEC-Risk Institute, EDHECInfra and Scientific-Beta, the provider of smart beta indexes, were also represented. Noël Amenc, CEO of ERI Scientific Beta, spoke during a plenary session devoted to the "EDHEC Research Story : L'aventure Scientific Beta : de la recherche à l'entreprenariat et la création de valeur", which related the story of an academic entity that has acquired crucial importance for the financial industry.

Kevin Giron, a research engineer at the EDHEC-Risk Institute, explained "Comment les robots-advisors vont conquérir le monde de la finance ?" at a workshop conference. Finally, Fréderic Blanc-Brude, Director of EDHECInfra Singapore, spoke at the conference on the subject of "Investir dans les projets d’infrastructure : double contribution à la croissance et la résilience des régimes de retraite privés ou effet de mode à hauts risques ?"

Other topics debated during the day included E-Health, New Generations, Female Leadership, Criminal Risks in Business and Europe. To re-live these moments, access the videos.

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