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Covid-19: Message from Emmanuel Métais, Dean EDHEC Business School - October 30, 2020


Dear Students,

The health crisis that has been affecting the whole world for several months has moved into a difficult new phase this autumn with the acceleration of the spread of Covid-19 in France. In this highly complex period for all of us, we hope you are all personally doing well, along with those close to you. Our thoughts are with your more than ever in these uncertain times.

French President Emmanuel Macron announced a new period of nationwide confinement of at least four weeks beginning at midnight on Thursday 29 October 2020.
We would therefore like to provide you with the most precise information possible on how your studies at EDHEC will function for the coming weeks. Note, however, that we are still awaiting certain official measures to be communicated to us in the next few days, with the result that certain details might change. We therefore ask you to remain attentive to the messages you will receive very shortly (EDHEC messaging service and MyEDHEC) concerning the details of how to access all your classes and services.


All teaching activities scheduled to take place in-person will now be conducted in distance format until the end of the semester, i.e. until the Christmas break.
Exams will also take place online according to the procedures already communicated to you.
As announced previously, we prepared for this eventuality by undertaking major investments during the summer, in order to implement the hybrid teaching model that you have all experienced since the start of the academic year.

Our Lille and Nice campuses remain open from Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 7.00pm.
A registration will be asked at the campus entry on presentation of your student card. If you have to come to campus, you need to comply with the rules in force regarding travel and movements outside your home and notably to complete the form (attestation de déplacement dérogatoire) testifying that your journey is covered by one of the permitted exceptions and to carry all the necessary items of proof.

All your services are provided online and your usual contacts will be available as much as needed to assist you during this period.
The library is open and you can access all collections.


We remind you that the primary point of contact for any questions you might have regarding your studies in relation to the health crisis remains the HUB, via the following dedicated e-mail address.
EDHEC’s teams remain fully mobilised both on our campuses and at distance, in order to provide you with the best possible assistance and to ensure the continuity of services and teaching.

We are counting on your engagement regarding the continuation of your studies and future academic success.

We are well aware that this situation may cause difficulties. Particular facilities are therefore in place to support you and especially an online psychological support/counselling service available 24/7 (information on contacting this service is provided at the end of this message).

We cannot stress enough the importance of respecting barrier gestures to the letter and particularly of wearing a mask in all circumstances. We also recommend you download the new TousAntiCovid app which is designed to help break the virus’s chains of transmission.

We will write to you again once we have new information and particularly when we are in a position to let you know the precise details of teaching for the second semester. If the health situation allows for it, our sincere intention is to keep a portion of teaching on an in-person format on our campuses, and ideally to slightly increase the volume. You can be sure that we are sincerely committed at your sides to delivering you the best EDHEC experience in these highly complex health conditions that are affecting all of us.


My best regards,
Emmanuel Métais Dean of EDHEC Business School


Specific support measures:

- If you encounter new financial difficulties related to the health crisis during the year, you should know that EDHEC has set up an Emergency Fund to support you. For any questions related to this facility, which is in addition to the EDHEC bursary programme, please contact

- A psychological support and counselling unit is available 24/7. Contact details are to be found on MyEDHEC/Student Life/Health & Safety.



EDHEC campus rules - Updated October 14, 2020

In line with current health regulations, we have set out specific campus rules that will apply to all EDHEC locations in France:

  • Masks must be worn on all of our campuses, both indoors and outdoors, from the moment you enter our sites to the moment you leave. Students must ensure they have the requisite masks with them. Students that arrive on campus without a mask will be not be admitted.
  • On arrival, each student received washable masks, hand-sanitising gel and a reusable washcloth.
  • Hand-sanitising stations have been installed in various locations on campus.
  • Thermal cameras are available to all at campus entrances for temperature checks. Data will not be recorded. These health kiosks will be available around the clock and will help in our response. Should you have an excessively high temperature, we would ask you to inform security, not to remain on campus, to isolate yourself and to get medical advice.
  • Traffic flows have been put in place in an effort to maintain one-metre social distancing as far as possible. Everyone is asked to respect these directions and not to congregate in the enclosed spaces on campus. Classroom markings will indicate the seats that can be used in priority in order to maintain physical distancing as much as possible.
  • Cleaning and disinfection services have been significantly increased.
  • Students from regions where the virus is prevalent and who are subject to quarantine for two weeks must report to the HUB . Students are responsible for organizing and adhering to quarantine prior to arriving on campus for the start of the new academic year. Routine screening is strongly advised for any student that has arrived from a high-prevalence area within less than 14 days. Any students who test positive will have to self-isolate, follow Ministry of Health recommendations and alert the HUB ( Guidelines for welcoming international students vary depending on the country of origin. Students must comply with the official guidelines issued by Campus France.

We also recommend that any students experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 do not come to campus, follow health-authority recommendations and alert the HUB. If you test positive for the virus, you will need to isolate for 14 days, follow the instructions of medical professionals and alert the HUB as soon as possible. You will then be informed of specific teaching solutions put in place by your programme director.

At the same time, we would remind you of the importance of taking preventative measures: wear a mask as soon as possible, both indoors and outdoors, wash your hands regularly, cough or sneeze into your elbow or a handkerchief, and greet each other without making physical contact. It is through our combined efforts that we will be able to lead as normal a student life as possible.

Everyone must adhere to the health guidelines and rules governing campus life. They are permanentaly available at on MyEDHEC and regularly updated on our website. No one is exempt: non-compliance will mean exclusion from campus and disciplinary action.

Compliance with the rules will be strictly monitored. Breaches of the rules will be subject to immediate disciplinary action. Our health, the proper functioning of our institution and the quality of the EDHEC experience are at stake.

It is by working together that we will manage this health crisis as best we can within our EDHEC community and on our campuses. We are counting on your prudence and sense of responsibility, just as you can count on our commitment.


Accessing EDHEC's on-campus services

We have amended access to on-campus student services in an effort to best accommodate your chosen courses, meet your expectations and comply with current health constraints. All the rules are adapted according to the official health recommendations defined by the competent authorities.

​Student services 
Student services
‒ educational, career and library ‒ are provided in full, principally online. Face-to-face meetings are by appointment only.

Sports facilities

Following the prefectoral statement of 24 September and the lockdown decision, the sports facilities on EDHEC's campuses have been closed since Monday, 28 September.

  • SPORT FACILITIES (practice without coach)
    The Lille and Nice Sports Centres are closed.
  • LEISURE SPORT (with coach)
    All current courses are suspended.
  • SPORT COMPETITION (with coach)
    All indoor ad outdoor training sessions are suspended.
    Competitors (Hand, Basketball, Futsal, Volleyball, Tennis, Football and Rugby) have been informed by their coach and/or team captain.
  • HEALTHY SPORT (with coach)
    ​All sessions are maintained. Participants (Yoga and Meditation) are invited to follow the online program as normal.





The EDHEC community is engaging in a variety of solidarity measures geared to helping the hardest-hit participants in our society.

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Discover how our students adapted to the situation while keeping up with their studies and their charitable initiatives.

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Discover all the analyses carried out by EDHEC researchers and experts on the Covid-19 crisis on the online information-sharing platform of EDHEC.

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