Family Business in the long run: The interplay between emotions and history

Organized by the EDHEC Family Business Centre, the 2017 EDHEC Family Business Conference on “Family Firms in the long run: The interplay between emotions and history” will be held on May 11 in Lille (Academic Day) and on May 12 in Paris (Family Business day).

Family owned and managed businesses play a central role in the world’s economy. What makes them fascinating is the interrelation of the family and the business on the long-run. As such, they offer a fertile ground for exploring the history of the family in addition to the history of the business. Up to date however, rare studies and documented practices exist on the mutual influence between emotions and history and their impact on family business sustainability. This conference stands as a meeting point between business historians, family business members, scholars and practitioners to address these gaps in knowledge.

Over two days, EDHEC Business School will host participants from across continents in a knowledge co-creation environment around the conference theme. This initiative raised the interest and received the support of prestigious national and international organizations dedicated to family business, namely The Henokiens, FBN France and FBN Levant. Renowned keynote speakers with diverse backgrounds include academics: Andrea Colli from Bocconi University (Italy), family business members: Antoine Mayaud from AFM (France) and practitioners: John Seaman from Saybrook Partners (USA).

- Academic Research Day (May 11th, 2017 - Lille)

The Academic Research Day aims at research presentations on the intersection of emotions and history.  Andrea Colli will open the conference with insights and reflections on personal and family capitalism from a historian’s perspective. Business historians and family business scholars will then present their research findings in parallel sessions to build basis for advancing research in the field. These presentations explore different emotions such as love, shame, jealousy, anger and guilt, and how they play out in different structures of business family relationships over time. They cover a diverse spectrum of countries and economical contexts across continents, including Brazil, Japan, Tunisia, Italy, France, and the UK. The exchanges will foster interdisciplinary collaborations and a more exhaustive understanding of cross-cultural perspectives on emotions and history in the family business. 

A special issue of peer-reviewed papers is expected to be published on the conference theme in the academic journal of Entreprises et Histoire.  

- Family Business Day (May 12th, 2017 - Paris)

The Family Business Day offers a unique opportunity for family business members to interact with other family business members and practitioners, historians and scholars from around the world about the place of emotions within the practices of historical narratives and their impact on sustainability. After a presentation of the State of the Art and contributions of the first day by the EDHEC Family Business Centre, we will hear from Antoine Mayaud from AFM about the Mulliez family’s experience across generations. This session will be followed by workshops in small groups on the motivation, construction and role of history narratives and emotions in family business to inform and/or direct strategic decisions.  These workshops are structured around round tables moderated by experts in the field, allowing family business members, academics and practitioners to come together, share their knowledge and experience, and learn from each other. The insights will be restituted in a plenary session and complemented by a closing keynote by John Seaman who will share insights from his practice with leading family businesses.

Seats are limited. Register early! For more information about the EDHEC 2017 Family Business Conference, visit our website: https://www.edhec.edu/en/efbconference

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