Business is online. Logically, so is today’s business school. To make a game-changing impact, EDHEC is pursuing a key parallel focus with its strategic new EDHEC Online business unit.

Where else can a business school like EDHEC achieve the reach and visibility of the web? Today a dedicated team is on a mission. Freshly launched, the new EDHEC Online business unit aims to build on EDHEC’s unique DNA, reaching out to a population of people who want to study with the finest minds, to achieve qualifications that mean more than most. EDHEC was already a pioneer of e-learning 15 years ago, connecting with students through blended PhD, Management Development Programme Online, and BBA Online geared to top-level competitors. Now EDHEC is upping its game. The stakes, and demand, are higher than ever. The global e-learning market is worth an estimated $182billion and is growing over 5% a year. It’s expected to hit $240billion by 2023. The corporate e-learning market alone is another opportunity to watch. Representing around $23billion in 2017, it is climbing 11% year on year.


MOOCs and more

With EDHEC Online, the goal is to give students who are physically remote from campus, or are simply motivated to learn, access to a wide range of e-learning degree courses. It’s the contemporary solution many people are looking for, to help them achieve their entrepreneurial plans, or succeed at a new professional challenge.

“Within 5 years, our ambition is to reach 1,000 online graduates and ultimately 10% of the EDHEC group’s turnover.” - Emmanuel Métais, Dean of EDHEC Business School

With a little help from new technologies and Artificial Intelligence, EDHEC Online will be able to offer high added value content in terms of pedagogy and the human factor (social learning, mobile learning, adaptive learning) with individual and collective support for every participant. International partnerships with like-minded schools and universities will continue to be developed. A key innovation of EDHEC Online is the application of a freemium model. A portion of the modules will be offered free to 40,000 alumni to foster the spirit of Lifelong Learning. EDHEC has a better chance than most to grab a slice of the action. EDHEC's global standing as one of the world’s top-ranking business schools is a solid foundation. Increasing EDHEC’s web presence will inevitably help raise international awareness of the school’s reputation for excellence and thought leadership. Today, Education is the one and only country, a notional land without borders where all are welcome. By leveraging the pedagogical strengths, EDHEC can empower a vast new group of future students, web-wide.

“Through a high-touch learning environment, individual tutoring and innovative pedagogies, students engage deeper in their learning. Recent research indicates that online students tend to better achieve their learning goals,” explains Benoit Arnaud, Associate Dean and Director of the newly formed business unit. “We want to become the Tesla of online education. Before, drivers thought that gas-powered cars were better than electric cars. Now they see that high-end electric cars provide excellent service, with a significant reduction of local air pollution. They solve social problems that were thought unsolvable. We think that in a short future, it will be the same with distance learning.”


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