This year, EDHEC Vox has tried to focus more on what interests decision-makers and society as a whole by providing differentiating content that translates and selects EDHEC practical research and knowledge for you.

Here are the top 3 best-performing articles and videos in 2017-2018Happy reading, Enjoy watching! 

1. "Case for new regulation of football transfers"

Football’s winter transfer window officially opened. Already Philippe Coutinho’s transfer from Liverpool to Barcelona for €160 million and a net salary exceeding €10 million a year has triggered a degree of disbelief on the part of the public and the media.What should we think of these amounts and should we necessarily object to them? Read

Written by Arnaud Chéron and Florian Pelgrin, Professors of Economy, EDHEC Economics Research Centre

2. "Strategy Series #5 Changing the way we strategize"

Competitive environments are changing as never before. Many companies are being caught off guard. Playing by the old rules of the game no longer suffices because the game itself has changed. No industry sector has been left untouched. New ‘winners’ are emerging. These are redefining what “playing to win” means; they are changing the way they strategize. Watch

Written by George Tovstiga, Professor of Strategy, EDHEC Business School. Find out more about the Strategy Series

3. "Boosting your creativity with negative emotions"

We all make mistakes. But when we react to these shortcomings with guilt (rather than with shame) we remain more creative and innovative in the long run. That's the conclusion of the research conducted by the EDHEC Family Business Centre. Read

Written by Fabian Bernhard, Associate Professor, Family Business & Organizational Behaviour, EDHEC Family Business Center, EDHEC Business School