From his small-town origins in the north of France, pâtissier Frédéric Vaucamps has turned a local delicacy into an international hit. As part of the International Marketing course, final year students in the EDHEC International BBA Program do a case study on ‘Aux Merveilleux de Fred’. 



The delicious treat, ubiquitous for years in the boulangeries and patisseries of Northern France and Belgium, looks ready to take its place alongside éclairs and the macaron as an international favorite. The man responsible for the growing success of the merveilleux is Frédéric Vaucamps, whose lighter version of the whipped-cream and meringue delicacy is well-known in Lille, location of his flagship boutique in the rue de la Monnaie. Today, the ‘Aux Merveilleux de Fred’ flag is flying high at 40 stores, located in six, soon to be seven, countries following a planned opening later this year in Toronto. 



He knows too the importance of transferring his savoir-faire, working alongside new managers for nine months prior to turning over the shop to them. For example, he’s currently working with a couple in Brussels who will manage the new location in Toronto and will be visiting the shop once it opens to provide support–while keeping an eye on the quality. In addition to the secrets of a master pâtissier, he also imparts to them the qualities required to survive: persistence and tenacity. “When you start something, you have to finish it. And, you have to keep going in the face of difficulties. It takes two or three years for a new shop to become firmly established.”


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