09 Mar

[OPINION PIECE] The Devil in the Detail

In a recent article published in Asia Asset Management, Eric Shirbini, global research and investment solutions Director at ERI Scientific Beta, explains why the "the devil in the detail" when investing in smart equity factors.
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01 Mar

[Opinion piece]"USS strike: global pensions crisis is now shaking ivory towers"

In a recent opinion piece published in the Higher Times Education, Lionel Martellini, Professor of Finance and Director at EDHEC-Risk Institute, provides his analyis on the global pension crisis.
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01 Feb

"Infrastructure investors seek better performance data"

The Financial Times just published an article mentioning an EDHEC Infrastructure Institute study on "how infrastructure indices should be structured to best address their asset allocation and performance monitoring needs".
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11 Dec

About Credit Reparing

In a recent interview with WalletHub, a financial blog, Milos Vulanovic, associate professor of Corporate Finance provides his expertise on how to fix damaged credit.
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