From January 2017, the faculty of EDHEC "Strategy & Management" department will be producing monthly short-form written or video contents defending strong positions and recommendations related to political or business strategies: "Strategy Series".


16 Oct

[VIDEO] Strategy Series #3 Learning to live with disruption

"Technology is moving fast and disruption is becoming the new normal for all industries"    
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24 Sep

Corporate Incubation - Giving Innovation a Space to Flourish

Think about this. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report (2016) indicates that twenty two percent (22%) of people across sixty four economies intend to start a business within the next three years. That includes everyone in your organization.  Instead of them leaving and setting up independently, this milieu of entrepreneurial talent can be given space to flourish through corporate incubation.
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18 Sep

[VIDEO] Strategy Series #2 Searching for the Wisdom of the Crowds on Social Media at the Workplace

Despite the positive expectations created by social media, their use at the workplace has still not attracted waves of employees as initially anticipated. The wisdom of internal crowds exists, but needs to be tapped and triggered. CEOs wanting to benefit from the wisdom of their internal crowds should consider five suggestions explained by Mohamed-Hédi Charki, Associate professor of Information Systems at EDHEC Business School.
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08 Sep

[Video] Strategy Series #1. 4 simple guidelines for innovating by looking outside your industry

Looking outside the boundaries of your industry can yield very powerful and often surprising ideas for innovation. Here are 4 simple guidelines by Constantinos Lioukas, associate professor of Strategy at EDHEC Business School.
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