From January 2017, the faculty of EDHEC "Strategy & Management" department will be producing monthly short-form written or video contents defending strong positions and recommendations related to political or business strategies: "Strategy Series".


18 Sep

[VIDEO] Strategy Series #2 Searching for the Wisdom of the Crowds on Social Media at the Workplace

Despite the positive expectations created by social media, their use at the workplace has still not attracted waves of employees as initially anticipated. The wisdom of internal crowds exists, but needs to be tapped and triggered. CEOs wanting to benefit from the wisdom of their internal crowds should consider five suggestions explained by Mohamed-Hédi Charki, Associate professor of Information Systems at EDHEC Business School.
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08 Sep

[Video] Strategy Series #1. 4 simple guidelines for innovating by looking outside your industry

Looking outside the boundaries of your industry can yield very powerful and often surprising ideas for innovation. Here are 4 simple guidelines by Constantinos Lioukas, associate professor of Strategy at EDHEC Business School.
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18 Jul

Who benefits from cyber-attacks? by Philippe Very

In a recent article published on the singaporean technology website "The Tech Revolutionist", Philippe Very, professor of strategy and experts in the area of the management of economic crime at EDHEC Business School, tackles the question of the benefits of Cyber-criminality whereas most experts point out their costs
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19 Jun

More Science, Less Magic in Creating Products People Want

Imagine yourself as a scientist. Your work is built around experimentation, data collection and analysis. Hypothesis are formed which you prove or disprove in searching for answers. The science community is replete with stories of pioneering advances that seemed to happen by chance. Yet on closer inspection, success was attained after a long process of learning, tenacity and open-mindedness. This scientific mindset can be applied to business innovation.
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EDHECinfra was created to address the profound knowledge gap faced by infrastructure investors by collecting and standardising private investment and cash flow data and running state-of-the-art asset pricing and risk models to create the performance benchmarks that are needed for asset allocation, prudential regulation and the design of infrastructure investment solutions.


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