Facilitation of the Executive Committee

My Leadership of Leaders / Our Leadership of the Executive Committee

Customized accompaniment for the long-term

Which leadership styles are present in our Executive Committee? How are they combined? How do they clash? Which leadership do we want collectively? What collaborative contract are we able to write in support of our vision and to which we can refer to in stormy weather?

It is these kinds of questions (and many more) that this course, done in a mode of facilitation, invites the members of the Board of Governors or Executive Committee to address. A demanding and refreshing course, it is an opportunity to refine the dynamics of the leadership of the group by allowing all individuals – as in "Learning Team" mode — to become learning resources for each other. An added value far beyond team-building.

Half a day per month in the LEARN room, over 8/9 months. The use of a dedicated Learning Journal. The implementation of pedagogy by questioning and the reflexivity specific to the Leadership & Managerial Competencies Chair of EDHEC.

A personal and collective journey, in order to bring out the management resources of each member of the Executive Committee.

The testimony of Eric, Brand Manager:

Why engage in this type of course?

It allows a management committee to step back and question how things are regularly, to get to know each other, to know the strengths and doubts of each member, to strengthen the links, to develop team spirit and a true solidarity. To align everyone in collective and individual issues. To benefit from the experience of one or more experts. Benefit from the anonymous experience of other companies and management committees.

What is the added value?

It is an accompaniment of high quality, in an ideal environment, both Zen and stimulating. There is true customization, even real personalization, in real time according to the current situation of the company, and the maturity of the group. This makes it possible to maintain a stable and very high level of awareness, listening and participation of each member. It's like a real TV show with all the suspense, passion and emotion that comes with it.

What was your experience like?

In a very strong way. It allowed us to continue building in a business context, sometimes close to a hurricane. In addition to the group dynamics, it allowed us to stay on course. I felt a lot of enthusiasm but also a lot of emotion, but came out stronger than entering. It boosts confidence while unpacking a lot of things.

What to expect?

Some theory, but only as necessary. Otherwise, a great personal adventure, if everyone plays the game. We are really happy to start each new session. There is a real anticipation, even a real excitement. At the same time, there is a true respect for each individual, no judgment, a lot of kindness. It also makes it possible to identify what is unspoken, to treat them naturally and simply, with all the consequences that go with that (acceptance, or refusal).

What did the Executive Committee do with it?

This undoubtedly allowed the Executive Committee to transformation while at the same time transform the company. By promoting the simplification of its organization and operations. It makes a Executive Committee, an "agile" Executive Committee which adapts to the world in which it is in.

Powerful moments ...

Many powerful moments. The discovery of trust of others towards oneself, each person’s doubts, the relationship problems between people which are crystallized before being resolved. People feels and expressing constructive emotion.


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