Associate Professor, Member of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute

Speciality : Law
Expertise : Law & Economics, Empirical Legal Studies

24 avenue Gustave Delory
CS 50411,
59057 Roubaix Cedex 1 - France

Tél : + 33 (0)3 20 15 45 00
Fax : + 33 (0)3 20 15 45 01

Email : frank.fagan@edhec.edu



Frank Fagan, Ph.D, is an Associate Professor of Law and a member of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute.  His teaching and writing considers the interplay of artificial intelligence and law broadly. His empirical work uses natural language processing techniques to examine contract and corporate law doctrine. His theoretical work considers the impact of AI on contract law, corporate law, bail and sentencing, and the First Amendment. Work in progress includes empirical analysis of the complete corpus of U.S. contractual good faith case law and theoretical analysis of the strengths and limitations of algorithms in law.

Papers can be viewed here.



Main academic publications

Southern California Law Review (2019), Review of Law & Economics (2019), European Journal of Law and Economics (2019), Cornell Law Review (2018b), Duke Law & Technology Review (2018), Cornell Law Review (2018a), Virginia Journal of Law and Technology (2016), Virginia Law and Business Review (2015), International Review of Law and Economics (2015), West Virginia University Law Review (2014), European Journal of Law and Economics (2013)

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EDHEC Publications

Duke Law & Technology Review, June 2018, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp393-439
Cornell Law Review, February 2018, Volume 103, Issue 2, pp311-356