REBONATO Riccardo, PhD

Professor, Researcher at EDHEC-Risk Institute

Speciality : Finance
Expertise : Interest Rate Risk Modelling with Applications to Bond Portfolio Management and Fixed-Income Derivatives Pricing

EDHEC Business School
10 Fleet Place, Ludgate
London EC4M 7RB - England

Tel.: +44 (0)20 7332 5600

Email : [email protected]

Main academic publications

Journal of Empirical Finance (2021), International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance (2020), The Journal of Portfolio Management (2020), The Journal of Derivatives (2019), The Journal of Fixed Income (2019 ; 2020 ; 2021), Quantitative Finance (2019)

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EDHEC Publications

Chapter: Stress Testing with Bayesian Nets and Related Techniques: Meeting the Engineering Challenges. Ed. PALGRAVE MACMILLAN
Investors in the Treasury market often observe an upward-sloping yield curve.1 This means that, by assuming ‘duration risk’, they can very often...
Risk management, prudential macro- and micro-regulation, portfolio allocation and, in general, the strategic analysis of financial and economic...