Rania Labaki, Head of EDHEC Family Business Centre introduces the centre’s mission, objectives, education and research programmes.


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"Emotions flow from the family to the business, and vice versa, affecting both the family and the business. The family business should be viewed in a holistic perspective to account for the interaction between the emotional dynamics and the entrepreneurial, financial, governance, and succession decisions."
Director, Associate Professor, EDHEC Family Business Centre

Our mission: Supporting and promoting the Family Business long-term Entrepreneurial Model across Generations

The EDHEC Family Business Centre (EFBC) offers a holistic approach of the family business focusing on Business and Socio-Emotional dimensions at each level of our Research, Educational Programmes and Dissemination activities.

EFBC supports family businesses to deal with the challenges stemming out of their unique characteristics and the increasingly complex global business world. As such, EFBC offers new perspectives and innovative solutions on the following dimensions of the family business: succession, legal, financial and fiscal, social and entrepreneurial.

As such, EFBC seeks to :

  • Inspire and serve the Family Business Communities nationally and internationally
  • Make an impact in sustaining the long term Family Business Entrepreneurial Model
  • Propose frameworks to respond through Research and Education to the main challenges faced by Family Businesses
  • Provide Family Businesses with tools to help them achieve their projects and endeavors

We also seek to serve as a platform for generating academic insight into management and governance practices and to foster the family business entrepreneurial model. In doing so, EDHEC seeks to recognize and respond to the specificities of family business and support them to grow in an increasingly complex global business world.

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Helping Families Grow in Today's Complex Business World

The EDHEC Family Business Centre aims to support the family business communities: family members who are active in their family's business, non-active family members, non-family executives and managers working within family businesses, as well as consultants and practitioners working with family businesses (business advisors, lawyers, finance and wealth managers…).  Whether on the national or international levels, the EDHEC Family Business Centre will achieve its mission through:

  • Specialized training and information sessions on the specific governance, management, entrepreneurship, legal, fiscal and financial, and succession challenges faced by family businesses.
  • The publication of research relevant to the priority themes of the EDHEC Family Business Centre .
  • Our role as a clearinghouse for discussion and exchanges through the organization of national and international conferences, seminars, publication of case studies etc.
  •  The establishment of a Family Business Observatory within the EDHEC Family Business Centre to undertake research and international benchmarking studies.


EDHEC Family Business Centre Objectives

The EDHEC Family Business Centre’s objectives are to:

1-Become a leading reference on family businesses in terms of management training, research and international benchmarking. This will be achieved by:

Developing educational programs on the BBA and Master levels for EDHEC students;
Offering executive education courses at the EDHEC EMBA level as well as short programs  (open enrolment seminars or customized training) for family-businesses.
Gathering data on family businesses in France and making the EDHEC Family Business Observatory a centre of reference.
Undertaking quantitative and qualitative research on the major research axes: Succession, Legal, financial and fiscal issues, social impact, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.
Publishing and disseminating this research (articles, books, case studies, participation in conferences and seminars).
Organizing events for the family business communities on the national and international levels (The EDHEC Family Business Conference, Academic conferences in collaboration with major dedicated organizations, family business and practitioners’ workshops and seminars…)

2- Exert a strong impact on SMEs and Intermediary Size Enterprises (ETI) in the regions where EDHEC’s campuses are located, in terms of the transfer of knowledge and expertise.
3- Raise awareness of family businesses especially for the next generation of young managers (in terms of career opportunities, management and governance approaches, and transmission) notably via case studies, training, interventions by family-business members and conferences.


An international team with various expertises allowing an holitistic approach of Family Business. 



Director, Associate Professor   
Family Business & Finance        


Associate Professor
Family Businesses leader's emotions role, entrepreneurship and creativity



Adjunct Professor

European strategies


MARI Isabelle

Associate Professor

Management, Family Business



Strategic Management & Business History




Associate Professor
Accounting, Financial & Legal Performance






Association Familiale Mulliez (AFM)

Famille Michelin (Mage Invest)



LISI Groupe




Journal of Family Business Strategy, Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2018, Pages 73-90
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Rania Labaki
Chapter: "The Strategic Use of Historical Narratives in the Family Business"
Rania Labaki
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Ludovic Cailluet
Chapter : To sell or not to sell? The financial and socio-emotional dilemma of the ownership decision in the family business. Ed. PALGRAVE MACMILLAN
Pour accéder à cette publication, merci de bien vouloir remplir le formulaire  
Position paper
Claire Dufour
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Le recours à une société holding présente de nombreux avantages dans un contexte d’entreprise familiale. L’effet de levier juridique peut permettre d...
Position paper
Margaux Gautreau, Cecile Le Tarnec, Estelle Mugnieri, Guillaume Teisserenc
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But it also presents additional findings that may be useful for family firms and firms with a large...
Working paper
Markus Glaser
Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes
Zacharias Sautner

Partnerships are at the heart of the EDHEC Family Business Centre and building close collaborations with other family business-related organizations will be paramount to our success.

Family Business Centre network of partner organizations includes:



Les Echos Solution is a marketplace from the Groupe Les Echos – Le Parisien dedicated to professionals who wish to create, grow and manage a business. Through 9 sections (Business Development, Communication & Marketing, Office & Coworking, Financing & Insurance, Accounting & Administration, Team & Management, Business Trip, Tech), Les Echos Solutions covers everything entrepreneurship but also aims to advise executives and legal sector actors. Every week, the editorial board selects or writes news for businesses (tax systems, innovation, financing, business…), interviews entrepreneurs and lets experts and professionals share their field experience. Also available are cheat sheets dealing with business creation, management or even legal status as well as tools such as a cryptocurrency dashboard and a currency convertor.

Louvre Endowment Fund. Philanthropy has considerably evolved in Europe over the last years. New generations of donors have evolved and want to get involved in their philanthropic projects. To meet these new expectations, the musée du Louvre established an Endowment Fund in 2009. The fund is endowed with a non-expendable capital and managed on a long-term perspective. Its financial revenues are then distributed annually to the musée du Louvre. The endowment fund guarantees philanthropists that their support to the musée du Louvre will be permanent. They and their family get deeply involved in their philanthropic project. A nominative fund is created for each family and its revenues are earmarked to the cause of his choice. The next generation can perpetuate the family fund and thereby carry on their parent’s vision.

Since founded,Trusted Family’s goal is to help families go beyond merely staying together, and to enable them to systematically identify and leverage their unique family assets. To accomplish this goal, Trusted Family provides a set of solutions, which enable families to measure, track and manage towards internal cohesion. Trusted Family has developed a communications platform that enables families and family businesses to engage, interact and collaborate more effectively. This platform enables various groups to capitalize on the strength of social networks. They have built a highly secure tool that protects a family’s privacy while allowing affluent and influential individuals improve the social cohesion of the cluster they belong to. To know more about Trusted Family, see their video here>>


For over a quarter century, The Family Firm Institute (FFI)has been engaged in educating, connecting, and inspiring professionals who serve family enterprises. FFI is the leading association worldwide for family enterprise professionals and the organization of choice for the advisors, consultants, educators, and researchers who help perpetuate trans-generational family business wealth. In adopting a multidisciplinary and genuinely global perspective, FFI understands family enterprise as a fundamental driver of global economic growth, prosperity, and stability. For its global network of professionals, educators, researchers, and family business owners, FFI provides opportunities to participate in multidisciplinary educational programs and earn professional designation; enables collaboration at conferences, seminars and online; and creates a single space for interaction, cross-pollination of ideas, expertise and perspectives to further the field of family enterprise.

Founded in 1990 in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Family Business Network (FBN) International has become the world’s leading network of business-owning families, promoting the success and sustainability of family business. FBN globally has over 3,200 member businesses coming from 50 different countries. EDHEC is pleased to be associated with threeof the FBN's regional FBN chapters: FBN GCC, FBN Asia and FBN France.


The Hénokiens is an association of family-owned, bicentenary companies created in 1981. The objective of the association is the development of its membership throughout the world around a common philosophy: the value of the concept of the family company, real alternative to multinationals. Today, there are 47 members of the Hénokiens.


GUBERNA is an academically based network of and for directors and companies. We encourage corporate governance in all its dimensions and for every type of organisation. At the same time we want to offer a platform for the exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices within the member network. GUBERNA network currently includes more than 1500 individuals and institutional members. GUBERNA is continuously expanding as new members join regulary. GUBERNA develops its own academic research in the field of corporate governance and offers activities and trainings related to this topic to its members. 

The Mouvement des Entreprises de Taille Intermédiaire (METI) is a French industry association representing medium-sized and family-owned businesses. Created in 1995, METI organizes the Family Business Grand Prix in partnership with FBN France.

Business Families Foundation (BFF) is a non-profit philanthropy established 22 years ago that provides education and support to family enterprises around the world. Launched and nurtured by business families helping business families, in collaboration with universities and international partners, the mission of BFF is to empower entrepreneurial families and those who advise them to address and resolve their issues and, in so doing, help them grow, develop and endure as the economic backbone and social fabric of their communities.

Droit & Patrimoine offers a transversal and expert treatment of property law while taking an interest in the current events of the various actors in this sector.

The Family Business Centre provides custom solutions to meet the needs of family business executives and future executives.

Covered topics:

  • Build the family business strategy
  • Redefine the strategic areas and the governance
  • Control the financial gear of the family business

 Information coming soon


Family Business Management Elective at BBA & Master Level

The course offers students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the organization of a family business and its challenges and have more specific exposure to family businesses in France and worldwide.

It allows students to understand the particularities of key topics when they relate to family businesses, such as ownership and managerial succession, strategic management, financial policies and business valuation, human resource management, governance, family dynamics and internationalization.

The goal is to enable students to study the problems and advantages of family businesses from a multidimensional perspective in a way that enriches their knowledge on family businesses and develops their analytical skills.

Family Business Management Elective at the Executive MBA Level:

This elective offers fundamental knowledge on family business specificities as well as a method of family business diagnosis and development of an action plan, intended to prevent and solve the critical issues these businesses face.

As compared to other organizations, the family is the unique characteristic of family businesses representing their major strength. The managerial practices, financial policies and strategic orientation of family businesses are distinct, primarily due to the interaction of the family with the management and ownership. This often translates into higher levels of performance of family businesses than non-family businesses. However, the family can turn into a major weakness that threatens the survival of the business in the family’s hands.

Participants to the elective will develop a critical thinking on the advantages and major issues of family businesses. They will learn how to diagnose the family, business, and ownership systems that encompass the family business, and identify the solutions allowing to leverage the strengths while addressing the challenges towards improving the family business performance and chances for survival.


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