Information academic year 2020/2021

Emanuel Métais and the EDHEC Business School’s educational community details you the terms for the 2020-2021 academic year: enhanced support, solidarity and commitment to serve future generations. Discover the terms of a return to school in September made completely new by the force of circumstances without abandoning what makes EDHEC so strong: our academic rigor, excellent student experience and strong individual support for every student.



Message from Emmanuel Métais - 29 May 2020


Dear Students and future Students,

We hope that you and those close to you are doing well. Our thoughts go most particularly to those of you who have been more directly affected by the epidemic.

During this period of gradual de-confinement, all EDHEC Business School’s educational community joins me in detailing the procedures for the start of the new academic year in September.

After a semester of distance learning, and now online exams, I would like firstly to thank you for your engagement. You responded in mass to the weekly assessments of this distance learning, enabling us to improve them on a continuous basis. Your feedback was largely positive and instructive, and notably underlined the advantages of new forms of interactivity and greater freedom.

Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard on preparing the 2020-2021 academic year, the start of which in September will be rendered completely unprecedented by the weight of circumstances. The issue has been to define methods and procedures that are consistent with a still-highly uncertain health situation, without abandoning what makes EDHEC so strong: our academic rigor, excellent student experience and strong individual support for every student.

On this basis, the following measures have been decided for the 2020-2021 academic year:

  • Revision of our admission procedures

While strictly maintaining our level of selectivity, we have had to adjust the way we organise admission processes to accommodate government guidelines and instructions. We know that this situation has been a source of concern for our candidates. We can reassure you that we are taking all measures to keep you informed and support you as enter the final stage and are looking forward to seeing you as from September.

  • Procedure for the academic year

All EDHEC students are assured of being able to follow a full and demanding educational programme, which best reconciles their choice of curriculum with international health restrictions. We have therefore retained the principle of an innovative, mixed system, which as from September will combine the following two components:

- on-campus experience: teaching in small classes, group projects, extra-curricular activities, all of which remain fundamental;
- distance learning, both synchronous and asynchronous (classes, business games, conferences, etc.), with tuition being adapted to each professor’s teaching methods and the demands of the discipline concerned. Students will also have access to a full digital campus offering extensive dedicated resources.


This hybrid format has three advantages:

- it offers a genuine on-campus experience, while respecting health restrictions,
- it enables a quick return to 100%-distance learning, if compelled by the situation,
- it offers students from abroad who cannot join us in September (visa or flight issues) the possibility of learning at a distance until the situation permits them to arrive on campus.

In addition, EDHEC will maintain its exchange programmes abroad if the partner university is able to guarantee it can receive students or to offer high-quality distance learning, and obviously providing that the administrative conditions linked to visas and the health conditions allow for it. 

In the coming weeks, programme management will be contacting all students to detail how the system will be implemented. 

  • Enhanced support and solidarity

The health crisis has had a wide-reaching economic impact, placing a certain number of you in a difficult situation regarding internship/job searches, start-up creations, etc. Our teams are highly focused on providing you with the best possible assistance, including with help from EDHEC’s alumni community. A 400 000 euros emergency fund has been set up to provide financial support to those affected by the crisis.


  • Our commitment to serve future generations

Starting in March and in the space of just a few days, our professors, staff and alumni all reacted swiftly and impressively to deliver conferences and teaching at distance to over 50 countries, to offer enhanced support for internships or jobs to our students and to provide emergency bursaries to those affected by the epidemic. We were proud to have witnessed the strength of our EDHEC community during this time. We also recognise, however, the immense responsibility that we continue to carry in order to respond to your expectations.

The period we are negotiating is unprecedented in all respects. Envisaging what some refer to as the “world after” is a delicate exercise. It is highly unlikely that the “educational world of before” will return We will probably also have to re-think the international aspects of our activities. But this crisis also demonstrates the need for research of real practical use. More than ever, we now need to produce knowledge that is both useful to businesses and genuinely beneficial to society, in order to reconcile the demands of economic recovery with the climate emergency and the preservation of our environment. These objectives have been at the heart of our strategy at EDHEC for the last 20 years, guiding the research undertaken by our professors and the development of our training programmes. The same strategy will also enable you in the future to make a real positive impact on the business world, and on society in general, in a way that serves the interests of future generations.  

You can count on us to support you along the way.

Best regards,


Emmanuel Métais
Dean, EDHEC Business School



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