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Advice for people returning from a risk zone or an area where the virus is actively circulating

We remind you that if you come back from a risk zone or from an area where the virus is actively circulating, we kindly ask you to notify us and respect the eviction period of 14 days on our campuses.

For people in or coming from an area where the virus is circulating, the official health guidelines are as follows:

- Check your temperature twice daily.
- Watch out for any symptoms of respiratory infection (breathing difficulties, coughing, etc.).
- Wear a surgical mask when facing another person and when you have to go out.
- Wash your hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds, or with a hydro-alcoholic solution (supplies can be found in campus toilets and in thoroughfares on campus).
- Avoid touching your eyes and nose.
- Avoid contact with fragile persons (pregnant women, the chronically ill, elderly persons, etc.) and avoid places where such persons are gathered (hospitals, retirement homes, maternity facilities, etc.).
- Avoid closed public spaces frequented by many other people (cinemas, restaurants, etc.).


Official health and safety instructions against Covid-19

In addition, the authorities have also updated the official health instructions and hygiene measures:

- Avoid shaking hands with other people.
- Wash your hands regularly with soap or a hydro-alcoholic solution.
- When coughing or sneezing, take care to do so against the crook of your arm (inside the elbow) or the top of your arm,
- Use single-use tissues,
- Call the SAMU medical service by dialling 15 in the event of symptoms,
- Stay at home if you are ill,
- Do not wear a mask if you are not ill.



What can you do if you notice symptoms?

- Call Samu 15
- Send an email to the HUB ou or contact us on
- Isolate yourself



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