Written on 08 November 2018

Edhec Digital Transformation through the eyes of EDHEC Business School Dean, Emmanuel Métais

To state the patently obvious, digital is changing everything. In the context of this sea change affecting all facets of society, EDHEC itself is undergoing a digital rebirth that started some years ago. More than simply mirroring the new world reality, our business school’s digital transformation is anticipating in order to lead with new digital ways to get things done. And make an impact.

One year into his deanship, Emmanuel Métais is encouraged by the progress already achieved and underway. The EDHEC approach to digitalization is in line with its reputation for original thinking and for beating a new path.

Technology has always had a role in education. The time is ripe to use technology as a springboard, to create a unique augmented learning experience.” 

A simplistic assessment fears the dehumanization of learning. Using digital progress as a tool is the key distinction here. To make the pedagogic relationship even more human. A smoother, richer, more productive fl ow of information, ideas, and discussion becomes possible. 


Contrary to popular belief, digitalization of educational practices does not have to be about the massifi cation of knowledge only. At EDHEC, the ambition is the polar opposite, permitting an even greater degree of personalization and humanizing the relationship. 

Our concept of digitalization for education builds on the idea that you don’t just learn with your brain, but also with your heart, body and soul.”


The digital experiencce adds a dimension to the physical one without replacing, for example, lively exchanges with professors and students, or indeed campus life.

What will never change at EDHEC is all that defines EDHEC: its DNA, as a useful and positive force, recognized for excellence in research and thought leadership. Digitalization must serve this raison d’être


“We are not interested in technology for technology’s sake. The tool is there to free us from the mundane. To unleash better performance, closer collaboration, and greater usefulness to society.”


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