Who will be the next game changer in five years, turning business codes on their head? In an ever-changing world, managers must become true entrepreneurs who are prepared to rip the rule book apart.

This is why, more than just a school that trains in business, EDHEC is a school of business, combining research excellence with academic excellence. A school that innovates by stimulating an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. A school that is both committed and engaging, prioritising people and the development of soft skills. A school that gives managers the know-how and tools, but also the open-mindedness and mental agility to invent new models.

EDHEC is a unique model, blazing new trails in entrepreneurship in education, born of and for business, and creating entrepreneurs who are themselves capable of shaping and recreating business.


Make an Impact

on business


on talent


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Make an impact on business

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, the businesses that hold their own are those that think ahead and challenge established models.

This is why we hold research at the heart of the EDHEC model, dedicating more than 20% of its resources to it. Practical, directly usable in companies and creating value, the work of its research and expertise units enlightens large institutions and companies in their understanding of global business. This work also feeds into EDHEC programmes, supported by an international teaching faculty of high standing and designed in conjunction with many partner companies. This unique approach to teaching, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, relies on methods that favour business cases, real-life situations and experimentation. It continues through the EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) incubator, which stimulates the setup of more than 100 businesses a year and has contributed to the creation of a net total of 650 jobs.


Make an impact on talent

At EDHEC, excellence is measured as much by the skills we pass on as by the qualities we bring out in people.

For over a century, EDHEC has taught its students independent thinking, non-conformism and an entrepreneurial spirit. Recognised on the international stage and regularly featuring in the top 20 global ranking for academic excellence, its programmes aim to develop inventiveness and quick thinking by bringing students face to face with the realities of global business, in a “learning by doing” approach. They are supported within ultra-modern, multicultural campuses, designed for living and interaction, where 91 nationalities work together and can exchange viewpoints and practices. These aspects make EDHEC a site of wisdom and experience, anchored in reality and the challenges that lie ahead for the managers of tomorrow.


Make an impact on careers

Training managers and entrepreneurs who are ready for business: EDHEC's calling is best illustrated in the career paths of its graduates.

Thanks to the academic excellence of its programmes and the strength of its international networks of alumni and partner companies, EDHEC acts as a springboard to employment and paves the way to the key stages of professional life to ensure that candidates and recruiters meet. Through the EDHEC Career Centre, it offers personalised support to students, incorporating specialist coaching, recruitment sessions, central management of placement and job offers, etc. EDHEC Alumni is the graduates’ network, with representatives in every major city worldwide and every business sector. Furthermore, through the EDHEC Business Club, more than 100 partner businesses contribute to the School's influence and help to achieve the integration and professional development of graduates.


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