Doctoral Theses

Author(s) :
Chiah Shiung (Kelvin) Foo, PhD
Revenue Exposure : A volatility transmission mechanism between the Shanghai Composite Index and S&P500 firms : Volatility transmission studies are mostly concerned with the volatility spillover effects between equity markets and between asset classes. Few have considered the transmission of volatility between markets and firms. We examine the significance of revenue exposure as a proxy for...

Author(s) :
Daniel Mantilla-Garcia, PhD
The first paper provides formal arguments and empirical evidence that justifies the use of the cross-sectional variance as a measure of average idiosyncratic volatility. The observability at any frequency of this measure allows new results on the relation of idiosyncratic risk and future returns. The paper shows that the cross-sectional variance predicts the return of the equally-weighted market...

Author(s) :
Gideon Ozik, PhD
Smart Money or Smart About Money? Evidence from Hedge Funds: This paper introduces a measure of fund-flow impact, based on a fund's contemporaneous return-flow relation, and demonstrates that the smart-money phenomenon predominantly stems from high-flow-impact funds. A smarter-money strategy, one that concentrates in high-flow-impact funds, fares significantly better than a strategy which...




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