The Executive Track in Focus

A critical step

Doctoral studies hone a lifelong ability to approach issues scientifically and to research them thoroughly. As such, they are a critical step for practitioners who strive for constant learning and progression in their field.

The EDHEC PhD in Finance is designed for professionals whose aim is to gain and maintain an in-depth understanding of finance as well as the ability to initiate and carry through research projects that will yield original insights and lead to innovative approaches and offerings.


Structure tailored to executive needs

Residential requirements are kept to a minimum—around forty days over three years—by concentrating core courses into four separate weeks, delivering elective seminars over three consecutive days in weekly blocks, and using the School's e-learning classrooms for monthly research workshops.

Core courses are given every year in Europe so that missed modules may be made up, and the portfolio of electives offered over the second and third years of the programme—in London and Nice —allows doctoral candidates to select seminars that fit their professional objectives and constraints.


Dedicated research coaching

To help PhD in Finance candidates acquire first-rate research skills and author high-quality dissertations, EDHEC Business School organises solid research training through courses, seminars and workshops, implements a rigorous procedure to track the progress of dissertation work and offer support and feedback from professors and peers, and ensures a faculty member is available for one-on-one input and advice at the dissertation stage.

Selecting a dissertation topic that corresponds to areas of professional expertise and echoes actual problems faced by the candidate’s organisation goes a long way toward optimising the time spent on dissertation work. The programme director and core faculty team help each participant identify a suitable topic and dissertation adviser. On an annualised basis, participants should expect to dedicate twenty hours per week to the programme.

Close individual work with faculty is an important part of the programme’s research coaching approach. The dissertation adviser is a world-class scholar selected for his expertise in the candidate’s field of specialisation and is responsible for advising the candidate throughout the research process, from the choice of elective seminars to the dissertation defence.

Dissertation advisers commit to providing regular electronic feedback to their advisees and to offering at least two opportunities for live meetings every year.


Research for professional development

The EDHEC PhD in Finance is the foremost academic and professional qualification for experienced practitioners. The programme requires exceptional dedication, but its career impact and the satisfaction of work and research on the frontiers of knowledge and professional practices are ample reward for those who make this commitment.

Sponsoring organisations benefit from the learning experience of their executives, whose critical thinking and analytical and research skills, enhanced by doctoral studies, are of considerable value. With the dissertation, they profit from scientific research on issues of particular relevance to business and witness evidence of their executives’ newly acquired abilities to promote innovation in processes and products.


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