Survey of Recent Hedge Fund Articles

In this article, we provide the busy reader with a survey of articles that were written over the past four years on hedge funds.

Author(s) :

Hilary Till

Research Associate, EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre

Jodie Gunzberg

Portfolio Manager, Fund of Hedge Funds, Ibbotson Associates, Chicago

Specifically, we review the economic basis for hedge fund returns and then discuss some of the logical consequences of these observations. Next, we summarize the general statistical properties of hedge fund strategies. We then examine what the appropriate performance measurement and risk management techniques are for these investments. And lastly, we briefly cover ways that investors can consider incorporating hedge funds within their overall portfolios.
Survey of Recent Hedge Fund Articles...
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Type : Working paper
Date : le 05/09/2005
Extra information : For more information, please contact Séverine Anjubault, EDHEC Research and Development Department [ ] The contents of this paper do not necessarily reflect the opinions of EDHEC Business School.
Research Cluster : Finance

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