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Coup de Pousse is a BBA association focused on the world of entrepreneurship. Our goal is to assist start-ups with their development, by helping them to overcome the difficulties encountered in the communication, financial or social fields. The association also organises conferences within EDHEC on business-related subjects, and works to raise the profile of certain companies and interviews entrepreneurs and professionals. The association wants to organise an entrepreneurs’ show.



05.06.2023 - EDHEC
High-altitude sensations: Chiara Pogneaux, French slalom champion
Tales of sport: a series of testimonies in which EDHEC students – high-level athletes or those engaged in competitive sport – share their passion for their respective sports. They also tell us how their sports activity combines with their studies.

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01.06.2023 - EDHEC
EDHEC hosts the EFMD Global Online Teaching Academy
From 22 to 24 May, the EDHEC Nice Campus hosted the face-to-face phase of the Online Teaching Academy, a certified course brought by EFMD Global (European Foundation for Management Development). 
01.06.2023 - Executive Education
Upcoming GMAT exam changes: Understanding the future of business school admissions
As the world of business education constantly evolves, so must the tools used to assess and select top-tier candidates. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), a well-established standard in this process, is set to undergo a significant…