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1. Finance for Decision Makers

This course is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of each participant and organisation. The objective is that each decision-maker can fulfil his or her role, individually and collectively, both in terms of corporate governance and financial culture. Depending on your needs, this training can be made up of :

  • A training plan for the various decision-makers in your company,
  • Specific training by department, function, business unit, etc.
  • Technical training for a sub-group of participants with more specific needs, or even individual coaching sessions tailored to your needs

Finance for Decision Makers is a detailed and in-depth training course that requires a pedagogical trainer, an expert in finance, experienced in various corporate cultures and heterogeneous audiences. Managing a company through strategy and finance can seem technical (maybe even boring!), to non-experts. In their role, decision-makers are required to use terms and tools without necessarily always fully understanding the depth of the issues at stake, or making the link between strategy, accounting, finance and risk management. It is therefore necessary to :

  • Become familiar with the language: technical terms
  • Understand the economic logic... (balance sheet, income statement, cash flows, risk-weighted return, cost of capital, value creation) To do this, we offer you a programme combining :
  • Mini-case studies based on concrete situations to highlight possible transpositions in your area of activity
  • A transmission of knowledge in a paced and interactive way: Finance can be understood by developing common sense and is not a discipline reserved only for experts



2. The Financial Vision of a Company

This training course allows participants to build together the fundamentals of finance by starting from a blank sheet of paper. To do this a volunteer participant (or the instructor) proposes a business creation theme and together, as the needs for implementing this project are analysed the key questions of a company's value chain, its economic model, the circulation of flows of expenses and income, how the balance sheet is constituted, and how depreciation, investment and financing policies are shaped are addressed.

After taking a general approach to these concepts, we then focus in on the specificities of companies, the financing of an internal investment and finally the financing of an acquisition.

The training programme also provides a fun way of acquiring all the financial vocabulary in the context of this business creation game.

Finally, it leads to the analysis of risk via the requirement of remuneration of stakeholders, i.e. remuneration for time and risk, which naturally leads to the concept of profitability and value creation.


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