Our Mindset

Created by and for entrepreneurs, EDHEC has embodied the fundamental values of business for over a century.

A mindset that sets us apart

Students, professors and researchers, alumni, partners, recruiters… EDHEC is a global community driven by the fundamental objective of making a positive impact on the world and for future generations by reinventing business. With this as our target, we focus on cultivating agility and inventiveness, while always privileging authenticity.

As an independent higher education establishment and a not-for-profit association under France’s Law of 1901, EDHEC has developed a method of governance open to the world and its ecosystem. In 2018, EDHEC wanted to inscribe this diversity in its articles of association. Students and alumni, companies, territories and international alliances are thus represented in our organisation and provide EDHEC with its unique vision.

The support network at EDHEC was superb.

All the advice I received, ranging from interview techniques to personal branding and networking, has led me to where I am today. Definitely, the best career choice I’ve made!

Charlotte AUTERAC, MBA, UK

I chose the EDHEC LL.M

Because it offers courses in business law that are relevant to the commercial sector. Aside from my educational pursuits, I met like-minded "comrades" and learnt from them various life-skills that were not taught in the classroom. As one of my professors used to say, "the more you share [knowledge], the more you give [teaching others], the more you will receive;" this pretty much sums up how EDHEC has prepared me to make an impact.

Celine FOOK, Singaporean, EDHEC 2018 LL.M. in Law & Tax Management

I chose to study at EDHEC for many reasons.


The most important: to acquire the right tools and knowledge to start my own business. The depth of information offered in the MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme is impressive. I must also admit, that EDHEC’s standing amongst the most prestigious business schools worldwide is a big motivator. The ranking attracts top talents—both professors and students—and allows you to immerse yourself with motivated people who want to support your desire to grow and learn.

Unalp Tekinalp, German, MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

The Executive MBA changed my life


EDHEC Executive MBA programme adopts a fertile across-the-board approach and includes many high quality courses in the fields of business strategy, finance, logistics and human resources, among others. It also provides students with tailored support via coaching sessions with a top flight teaching team. The programme also explores other business organisations through discussion and sharing experiences with the class during the courses and the group work


Céline FOMPUDIE, Communications Manager, France

EDHEC’s Master has been one of the defining steps in my life


The curriculum gave me an in-depth understanding of Finance and Accounting. This gave me a breadth of financial knowledge and shaped my holistic understanding of the field. In addition to acquiring the financial know-how required for professional growth, I learnt, with the help of the Career Centre, interviewing techniques and vital communication skills. The MSc in International Accounting and Finance made me industry-ready and job-qualified.

Anondo Kumar Dutta, Indian, MSc in International Accounting & Finance Audit Executive Mazars – London

Our Values

A mindset that sets us apart

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Our vision

In five years from now, who will be the next game-changer?

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Our history

Embodying the fundamental values of business for over a century

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Our brand signature

Make an Impact

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Our values


We have a long-standing commitment to a culture that fosters creativity, risk-taking, continuous improvement, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit, both in our pedagogy and in our research.


We educate people and carry out research that aim to develop both scientific and human competencies, preparing accomplished business leaders with excellent soft skills, whose commitment to the good of society and respect for our planet will qualify them as world citizens.


Through our unusual model, the content of our programmes and the value of our research, at EDHEC we nurture our differences, encouraging students and teachers to think outside the box and foster their leadership qualities.


Our vision

In five years from now, who will be the next game-changer, ushering in a new age of business by disrupting economic models?




In an ever-changing world, managers must become true entrepreneurs who are prepared to rip the rulebook apart. Giving tomorrow’s leaders the knowledge, the mind-set and the agility to invent new paths are at the heart of our vision. And we believe this litheness starts by developing students’ soft skills. More than a school that trains in business, EDHEC is an ecosystem that innovates by stimulating an entrepreneurial spirit, a springboard towards a better future that prioritizes people.

Thought leadership: knowledge creation fueled by applied research, and the constantly-updated full-range academic programmes are the brain that drives our vision. In a learning-by-doing approach, these programmes aim to develop inventiveness and quick thinking by bringing our students face to face with the realities of global business. They are supported within ultra-modern, multicultural campuses, designed for living and interaction, where 100 nationalities work together and can exchange viewpoints and practices. We favor exchanges with the world’s foremost academic institutions and reinforce our global footprint through a committed team of Country Managers and a strong Alumni network worldwide: 160 local Ambassadors, 80 international clubs and more than 500 events yearly.

And so we look ahead: because our aim is to make the EDHEC experience even more unique, we work to prepare EDHEC to the digital revolution that is set to disrupt our economies and shape the future of learning in the emerging landscape of EdTech and AI. The spirit of enterprise and the passion for innovation are extended to our behaviors towards the future of learning:  the challenge of education in a digital world commands us to open education as widely as possible to include all, through flexible pathways and innovative thinking in order to enable all to adapt to yet unknown developments.

A century ago, a bunch of entrepreneurs from Northern France were at the origin of this marvelous adventure which is EDHEC Business School. We proudly look back today and salute their impulsion, their passion, and their assertiveness. And we recognize ourselves in their need to still go further, push forward, and make an impact.


Our History

EDHEC Business School was founded in 1906 by entrepreneurs from the North of France. "EDHEC" is originally an acronym for the French "École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord" or “School of Higher Education in Business Administration from the North”. Motte Duthoit, leading textile manufacturer and mayor of Roubaix, France, purchased the land known as “La campagne” on which EDHEC headquarters currently stand. Following Motte Duthoit’s requirements, famous architect Gréber built a Manor house in the Anglo-Norman style at La Campagne. Formerly home of the Motte family, the Manor now serves as a training centre for EDHEC Executive Education.




Today, EDHEC Business School is a leading French business school specializing in business, entrepreneurship, management and innovation. EDHEC Business School has five campuses open to the world: Lille (main campus), Nice, London, Paris and Singapore. EDHEC Business School offers undergraduate (International BBA), graduate (MiM and MSc) programmes and has an extensive portfolio of executive education (Global MBA, Executive MBA, PhD in Finance as well as a variety of open and custom and open programmes).

In 2019, EDHEC has 8,600 students enrolled in traditional graduate and undergraduate programmes, 245 exchange and double-degree agreements with the world’s foremost academic institutions and a network of more than 40,000 alumni in over 125 countries.


EDHEC first worked with French sculptor Nathalie Decoster at the beginning of the 2000s. Originally, from the Lille region but living and working in Paris, her works are exhibited all around the world, from Los Angeles to Shanghai, from New York to São Paulo.

For EDHEC, Nathalie Decoster created a bronze sculpture of a man walking next to a circle, representing both the student's journey within the School and humankind’s relationship with the world. It was the obvious choice for the EDHEC emblem and the starting point for its logo.

L'homme qui marche - © Nathalie Decoster



Since 2016, Make an Impact has embodied the ambition that EDHEC’s business-focused strategy of 2005 sought to achieve.

Make an Impact is an affirmative position that powerfully asserts the School's intentions and benefit. It conveys a strong message, a call to action and an invitation to rewrite the rules.

  • For teachers and partners, resulting in a teaching method and contributions useful to the world of business.
  • For the students and managers who attend EDHEC courses and acquire unique personal and professional experience.
  • For society as a whole, which benefits from the School's ability to anticipate change and its positive impact on the economy and global business.


A sound identity to express its vision and to stand out, so as to inspire the leaders of tomorrow

Deliberately positive and engaging, the original composition reflects the School’s desire to be a driver of responsible change and to make an enduring impact on the economy and broader society. It consequently expresses the ambitions enshrined in the School’s new strategic plan, Impact Future Generations 2025, and its goal of training talented young people capable of making the world of business serve future generations.  

As France’s first Grande Ecole to adopt a sound identity, EDHEC was eager to add new depth to its brand, via a sound signature created with the engagement and enthusiasm of Michaël Boumendil, Chairman and Founder of Sixième Son, EDHEC 1994.




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