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Chercheur Associé, EDHEC-Risk Institute

Discipline : Finance


Email : [email protected]

Principales contributions académiques

Journal of Portfolio Management (2013), European Financial Management (2009 ; 2012), Journal of Portfolio Management (2012), Journal of Financial Research (2010), Journal of Asset Management (2009), Journal of Banking and Finance (2007 ; 2013), Journal of Risk (2006 ; 2008), Journal of Derivatives (2002), Journal of Futures Markets (2002 ; 2007 ; 2009), Applied Financial Economics (2005), Journal of Derivatives (2002), Journal of Alternative Investments (2001)

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CV - Dianiel Giamouridis, PhD...
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Publications EDHEC

Journal of Banking & Finance, Volume 37, Issue 5, May 2013, pp1759-1776.
We measure the intangible value by means of a firm’s Intellectual Capital, which encompasses the intangible assets and the organizational knowledge...
We document that these deviations are only temporary and the prices of the two insurance contracts revert to their usual level shortly after they...
Ignoring the self-reported benchmark results in different measurement of stock selection and timing components of excess performance. We revisit...
Given a large variation of techniques and theories with regard to how value is measured, this article investigates the efficacy of alternative value...