Pedagogical Innovation at EDHEC

Pedagogical innovation is buried in EDHEC’s DNA. Since years, the school is a pioneer in pedagogy and innovation and took several initiatives to stay at the forefront of pedagogical innovation. Moreover, in its 2015-2020 strategy, pedagogical innovation is considered as one of the crucial components of EDHEC’s policy.

In order to further stimulate this process, last year saw the official launch of EDHEC’s Pedagogical Innovation Lab, abbreviated to “EDHEC PILab”. The purpose of the PILab is to refine EDHEC’s teaching practices and associated new technologies. A team of three pedagogical engineers and two technical support people were hired to support this pedagogical innovation initiative. 


Learning by doing

The school’s credo ‘EDHEC for Business’ is translated in ‘learning-by-doing’ programs. Based on active learning theories, the target of ‘learning-by-doing’ is to involve the student and make her/him an actor of her/his learning. Thanks to this dynamic, the student is able to develop its critical thinking, creativity and self-evaluation.  We believe at EDHEC that such a way to learn will help students to win on autonomy, responsibility and work performance.

The development of real-life case studies which are taught in class is one way to put forward this approach. Also our Open Innovation Seminar, where students search for an innovative solution for company’s existing problems is greatly appreciated, as well as the hackathons, dedicated workshops and simulation games that are organised during the year.


Classroom of the future

Today, classrooms are very similar in that they are bricks-and-mortar structures and cannot be adapted from one course to another. Our teaching methods are evolving and so should our classrooms. This means that we are developing flexible classrooms, in which different settings can be used. Flexible furniture, multiple screens and multi-device configuration are developed to enhance creativity and co-designed solutions. Also the introduction of technology is key in the development of these classrooms of the future. With the BARCO solution, students are able to share their screens in small teams or share their solution to the whole class.

Digital at EDHEC

EDHEC is using its digital capabilities to develop a multi-channel approach focusing on blended learning solutions. With the help of the PILab, several courses and programs are already transformed from a static course to a dynamic, multi-channel learning tracjectory. Some programs, like the BBA Online and the CSM, are almost 100% online.

Blended learning gives the students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom (flipped classroom), to prepare classes or even to revise learning material seen in class. Online material is made available on BlackBoard, our online learning management system, where videos, online quizzes, exercises and solutions can be consulted according to the pace of the student. Moreover, EDHEC has a dedicated workforce to develop and record professional video content, both for its faculty and its students.


Workshops and communication

Innovation and pedagogical innovation does not come overnight. Key success factors in this process are the stimulation of interactions between professors and students, the support and guidance given to our faculty, the organization of trainings and workshops, and the development of policies that can help professors to innovate.

One of these initiatives are the monthly meetings with professors and students where they can discuss and share pedagogical subjects (Food for Pedagogical Thought for professors – and Student Focus Groups for students). In that way, EDHEC Business School keeps on experiencing active pedagogy and digital innovations.

The PILab is also organizing “Pedagogical Innovation Workshops” and “Course consulting” for its faculty members. For newly hired professors, an introductionary workshop in pedagogical theory is organised, while other workshops and sessions work around case teaching and writing, the introduction of technological tools in courses or curriculum development. These very stimulating and lively sessions help professor to embrace pedagogical innovation and concepts and further improve the learning experience of our students. 



Direction de la Recherche et du corps professoral


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