From January 2017, the faculty of EDHEC "Strategy & Management" department will be producing monthly short-form written or video contents defending strong positions and recommendations related to political or business strategies: "Strategy Series".


10 Apr

“Serial hackings”: from the Olympics Games to the Retail"

Cost, reputation, trust: cyber-attacks can cause considerable damage. The subject of cyber-security deserves to be taken highly seriously. Philippe Very, Professor of Strategy at EDHEC Business School proves it by using several recent examples of company’s hackings. Find out more in OTHERWISE #6 (p.20)
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12 Jan

Learning to live with disruption

It is difficult to identify an industry that will not be strongly impacted by the advances of artificial intelligence.Today’s companies will only survive if they learn to live with disruption.
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15 Dec

[VIDEO] strategy series #5 Changing the way we strategize

Competitive environments are changing as never before. Many companies are being caught off guard. Playing by the old rules of the game no longer suffices because the game itself has changed. No industry sector has been left untouched. New ‘winners’ are emerging. These are redefining what “playing to win” means; they are changing the way they strategize.
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