EDHEC FIT Chair at the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit 2020

The EDHEC Foresight, Innovation and Transformation (FIT) Chair is honoured to participate in the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit 2020 which takes place from December 8th till 12th. The FIT Chair will be hosting 2 events on December 11th.



Future of Air Travel: Challenges and Solutions.

December 11th, 10.00-11.00 (Paris time) 

In this session you will learn how the EDHEC FIT Chair applied its ‘Future of’ methodology (from scenario and trend analysis to idea generation) to support the Aviation industry through the challenges of the last few months, and see the TOP 6 solutions that the students have developed. 

No registration needed.  Join the web conference directly on 11th December, by clicking below.


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Future of Air Travel: Scenarios and their desirability

December 11th, 13.00-14.00 (Paris time)

In this session run by the EDHEC FIT Chair you will get to participate in developing scenarios for the Future of Air Travel, taking into account Prosperity, People and Planet. We will then assess scenarios based on Desirability and Probability. There are 30 places available to work actively with us on Miro during the session; please sign up below and the first 30 signed up will receive a link by noon on December 11th.

No registration needed for the conference. Join the web conference directly on 11th December, by clicking below. Register for getting a chance to participate in the Miro working session live.


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For more details and to attend other event sessions, please register on the UNESCO Summit website.