MSc in Global & Sustainable Business

The Master’s programme offers in-depth courses on global business disciplines, managerial skills and industries where sustainability is key.

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September–May: on-campus academic courses* /June onwards: work experience
Credit value
120 ects

Start date

Early September 2023


Application deadline

16 June 2023

*Depending on your background, you may be required to take some remote and self-paced courses in July-August prior to arriving on campus.


EDHEC MSc in Global & Sustainable Business: Group Master Projects.


“Who are the 3 companies collaborating on case studies with EDHEC students from the MSc Global & Sustainable Business?”


[Emmanuel Mannooretonil. Vice president of New Business & Innovation at Butagaz]
Hello, My name is Emmanuel Mannooretonil
I'm the Vice President of New Business & Innovation at Butagaz.
We are an energy supplier, we are pretty proud to sponsor EDHEC's MSc in Global & Sustainable Business.


[Simon Locke. Sustainable Design Innovation Manager at The Body Shop.]
My name is Simon Locke, I'm from The Body Shop International and my focus is around sustainable innovation and Future Thinking at The Body Shop.


[Mylène Engelspach. Director of Transformation, CSR & Communication at Oney Bank]
I am Mylène Engelspach, I am the Director of Transformation CSR & Communication
from Oney Bank.


“What were your highlights?”
[Leanne Lim. EDHEC Student in MSc Global & Sustainable Business]
Different companies want different things from students. So I think it is really good that these projects force us to know that expectations of a company differ depending on what their priorities are. And it is good for us to have that business sense of it.
Having a practical way of learning rather than just textbook learning.


[Fabrio Pedrazzoli. EDHEC Student in MSc Global & Sustainable Business]
I think the most important thing for me was to work in a team. That's why I love this project. We all come from different nationalities. We have different backgrounds. And it's not always easy to work in a multicultural team.


We have the ability to work with students in an academic partnership where they have time to think and reflect. I think one of the common issues we have within business,
we don't have time to do that. We are quite often stuck in our own ways of thinking.
So it is really refreshing for us, to set students a challenge and to really ask them to question how we operate as a business. And to give us ideas and hopes for the future.


We find some common themes between ideas. Which are of interest for Butagaz,
for Oney and for The Body Shop. That's very enlightening. It's also inspiring
for us to get ideas from the outside world into our teams to drive innovations.
See how they have started to really master their topic, but also see how they have gone from understanding a market, a business developing tangible solutions. 


I was really surprised about the quality of the different jobs that the students have done, and also very concrete ideas that we can imagine to put in action tomorrow at Oney.


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The MSc in Global & Sustainable Business will equip you with cutting-edge skills that will enable you to generate profitable and sustainable business growth. You will learn to analyse complex business environments and to develop competitive advantages along the value chain. The programme will give you in-depth insights into global business disciplines, hone your managerial skills and introduce you to industries where sustainability is key. The MSc in Global & Sustainable Business will prepare you to build a healthy environment and an inclusive society by creating global business solutions for tomorrow’s economy.

The Master’s in Global & Sustainable Business prepares you for a host of professional roles in industries with sustainability at their core. You could pursue a career, for example, as a corporate sustainability consultant, supply-chain manager, sustainability auditor, procurement specialist, operations manager, strategy consultant, corporate social responsibility officer, business developer, corporate engagement manager, marketing manager or environmental, social and governance (ESG) analyst.

The MSc in Global & Sustainable Business tends to attract talented, creative thinkers keen to play their part in ensuring a sustainable global economy for future generations. We welcome applications from all backgrounds. We require at least a three-year bachelor’s degree and an acceptable level of English language proficiency. 

Sustainable business has a minimal negative impact or, potentially, a strong positive impact on the environment, the local community or society as a whole.

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