MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

The MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence will hone your business decision-making skills.

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September–May: on-campus academic courses* /June onwards: work experience
Credit value
120 ects

Start date

Early September 2024


Application deadline

June 7, 2024



This master’s degree will give you the data science knowledge and skills you need to use and monitor new, disruptive technologies and take your place at the heart of corporate decision-making. The program prepares talented young graduates with good quantitative skills for a wide range of positions in which programming, quantitative analysis, critical thinking and business management are essential.

*Depending on your background, you may be required to take some remote and self-paced courses in July-August prior to arriving on campus.

Programme Insights

EDHEC Dataviz Challenge 2021




In collaboration with Mazars, Tableau, UNICEF for every child.

5 Questions to Edwin Nguyen, winner of the 2020 Dataviz Challenge.

Who are you?
Hi everyone. My name is Edwin, I'm the EDHEC DataViz Challenge 2020 winner and I'm very happy to talk to you today.

What do you do?
So I'm currently working as a business intelligence analyst at Amazon where I still have to do some dashboard actually on Tableau.

What did the DataViz Challenge teach you?
DataViz Challenge kind of prepared me to what I have to do today simply because, you know, it taught me a lot about new techniques that I'm still using or also regarding storytelling and just because you know,  I'm working in a department called security endless prevention where people well are from security and less prevention and doesn't have any analytical background, so it's very important to be able to share some very important insight through our dashboard using a database so that it is understandable in a digest form for a lot of customers.

What did you win?
As part of the prize I won the DataViz Challenge, so the internship with UNICEF. I couldn't do the internship because I had already signed my contract with Amazon by the time we got the results. However, we found an alternative with Karoline (UNICEF) where I get to work with them, as a consultant let's say, I get to update and publish one dashboard which is available on their website and I also get to have a team to get some more information on Tableau.

What are your recommendations?
If I were to have a few recommendations, I would just say have fun, because everything is just easier when you have fun and be creative because in the end, the jury is judging a vis and not a technique. I just have to wish you good luck and a happy vision.

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FAQ of the MSc in Data Analytics & AI

EDHEC’s Master of Science degree in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence will sharpen your business acumen and hone your decision-making skills. It will enable you to implement, apply and monitor new and disruptive technologies in the world of machine learning and Big Data analytics and make you a critical part of corporate decision-making. The programme prepares talented, quantitatively oriented graduates for a wide range of corporate positions and opportunities, in which programming, quantitative analysis, critical thinking and business management are essential skills.

An EDHEC MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence will give you invaluable data science knowledge that will place you at the heart of corporate decision-making. There are numerous paths you can follow, for example, in the fields of business intelligence, data & knowledge engineering, digital analysis, data science management, supply-chain analytics, digital innovation, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

You can apply to our MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence if you have a history of strong academic achievement and demonstrated potential for growth and professional success. We welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds with the following requirements:


  • A minimum three-year bachelor’s degree
  • For non-native English speakers, acceptable proficiency tests
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Academic transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Online interview


An optional GMAT, GRE, TAGE MAGE or CAT* official test score report (CAT* for Indian students only) can bolster your application.

The MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is an 18-month full-time programme ‒ one year of academic courses and an invaluable 4-6-month internship/work placement.

Absolutely. Here are just some of the many careers you might pursue with an MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence:

  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Data & knowledge engineer
  • Digital analytics consultant
  • Data scientist
  • Data scientist manager
  • Digital data analyst
  • Supply chain analytics & customer development
  • Digital innovation/transformation officer

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