MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking

Aimed at students with a background in finance, the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a career in corporate finance or investment banking.

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September–May: on-campus academic courses* /June onwards: work experience
Credit value
120 ects

Start date

Early September 2023


Application deadline

16 June 2023

*Depending on your background, you may be required to take some remote and self-paced courses in July-August prior to arriving on campus.


Actually, my dream job is either to work as an analyst in Investment Banking or as an analyst in a Private Equity Firm

[Yahya Benatia - Student in the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking]

Throughout my whole academic experience, I had the chance to visit several countries such as Mauritius Island, Dubai, Singapore, Germany, Poland... it is very important to me because it will help me professionally since I will get a lot of exposure, having that kind of diversity is really something that Banks or private Equity firms are looking for in candidates, so having this international profile is a plus in the finance business. 
I highly recommend this MSc because you will get a lot of exposure in the field that you're interested in, because you will be coached by professionals that have several years of experience under their belt. So throughout the whole course, you will be working on case studies, for instance, you will be working on a valuation of companies, mergers and acquisitions, and an LBO model for example as a case study. So it pretty much englobes the whole Investment Banking and Private Equity scope.
What I like about  EDHEC, first of all, is the campus is in Nice and being in Nice is very nice because it's always sunny and the campus is in front of the sea, which gives us the possibility to study and have great sights. Also, EDHEC gives you the possibility to meet a lot of people from all around the world and this kind of diversity is very important to me because it's you can leverage that in the professional world, also at EDHEC they have professors that have a lot of experience in their respective field so we can easily imbibe from their respective knowledge.

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EDHEC MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking

[Hamid Boustanifar - Programme in Finance]

The MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking is where the students are provided with skills required to do financial analysis of companies.

The structure of the programme is in a way that at the beginning of the programme, especially the first semester, basically takes all the fundamentals core courses.

Then going towards the second semester, they are offered a variety of electives where they could choose to specialise
in a particular path. For example: Private Equity, Decentralised finance, or more towards Financial Analysis & Accounting etc.

Through the electives, basically, we offer many emerging topics, emerging fields. We start to teach on textual analysis machine learning as an elective for a student.

A lot of variety of these courses that the students, they can choose and these evolve to be consistent with what reality and the business is demanding from us.

We have a long-lasting partnership with Société Générale which is one of the major investment banks in the world and that provides huge opportunities for our students and resources for them, because, basically through this partnership and sponsorship of the programme.
We get to meet their experts, they frequently come to the campus... teaching our students and sharing their knowledge as well as, all sorts of networking opportunities that the students get through them.

Obviously Société Générale, is one of the main recruiters of our students.

This a great resource for these students. These types of courses and skills provides students with future paths and careers to go towards, for example: Investment Banking, within different departments such as being an Equity Research Analyst, or M&A department within an investment bank, or an ECM and DCM departments... or they could go also towards Private Equity Firm working as a Private Equity Analyst... or working for Consulting companies such as McKinsey, Deloitte, PwC...

Or ultimately going for non-financial corporations to work within the Treasury departments or maybe the CFO of the company.

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FAQ of the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking

The MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking will give you the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the world of finance, be it in investment banking, private equity, corporate banking or financial advisory services. You will acquire in-depth knowledge of corporate decision-making in an international environment. The programme is an advanced, intensive course aimed at graduate students with prior training in finance.

The MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking gives you the in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge skills you need to forge a successful career in international finance, be it corporate finance or capital markets. You can pursue a vast array of careers, for example, as a corporate financier, portfolio manager, wealth manager, quantitative analyst, fixed-income strategist or equity analyst, to name but a few.

Yes. The MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking is an advanced, intensive programme aimed at graduate students with previous training in finance, so applicants will have an affinity for mathematics and prior knowledge of accounting and finance.

Practical experience is the best way to learn about corporate finance and banking. That’s why EDHEC Business School offers its students many opportunities to learn by doing.

First, you will complete a Master project that will allow you to put your skills into practice. If your research proves to be of high quality, you will have the opportunity to present it as academic research.

The programme then includes a 4-6 month internship. You may even have the opportunity to work abroad. This unique experience will enhance your profile and help you build a global professional network.

Corporate finance is the area of finance that deals with how companies finance their activities with the aim of maximising profits and reducing costs.

Managing a company's finances involves many activities, such as choosing the right investments, managing risk, managing cash flow, etc. Finance departments are particularly strategic. They provide their company with the right insights that allow them to make the best decisions.

M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) refers to the consolidation of companies through various types of transactions. For example, two companies may merge to form a new entity and expand their market or diversify their activities. There are two main types of merger. A company can merge with its supplier (vertical merger) or with a competitor (horizontal merger).

An acquisition is when one company takes over another. The acquired company often keeps its name. Again, the objective is to develop their skill set, enter a new market (especially on an international level) or to acquire a strategic technology.

For large companies, M&A is a strategic activity and they may have staff dedicated to it. As a student, choosing a Master of Science in Corporate Finance & Banking is the perfect programme to acquire the skills you need to start working in Mergers and Acquisitions.

Financial risk management is the activity of identifying and evaluating the risks associated with an investment opportunity. The objective is to determine whether or not the company should proceed with the investment. There are many aspects that can influence this decision, such as operational risks (related to the company itself), reputational risks or risks related to unfavourable exchange rate movements in the case of international investments.

As a student on the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking, you can choose to specialise in risk management.

Private equity is a type of investment in which companies and individual investors buy shares in private companies. There are companies that specialise in this activity and raise money from various sources.

Once the company has been bought, the private equity firm works with the management to make changes to strategies or products to help the company grow. The ultimate goal is to sell the company at a higher price and make a profit for the investors.

To work in private equity, you need advanced skills. EDHEC's MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking will give you everything you need to start your career.

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