MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking

Aimed at students with a background in finance, the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a career in corporate finance or investment banking.

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September–May: on-campus academic courses* /June onwards: work experience
Credit value
120 ects

Start date

Early September 2023


Application deadline

16 June 2023

*Depending on your background, you may be required to take some remote and self-paced courses in July-August prior to arriving on campus.


[Vishakha Agarwal. MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking. India]


My EDHEC experience was one of the best experiences in my life. Because I had a beautiful journey, I learned a lot about French culture, I learned about Finance. I developed my communication skills, I learned a new language. It was a really happy rollercoaster journey. You know, in addition to everything else you would get in a Business School, EDHEC gives you an experience for a lifetime. it helps you make memories, make an international family because you have people from everywhere in Europe, people from China, from Russia... Actually, I met people from countries I didn't even know existed! So it's been a life-changing experience. I have grown with this university, from being a young student, I'm going out of this university as being a young professional. It's an experience, I feel, everybody should have. I would have completely missed out on a lot of things if I hadn't come to EDHEC.


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The MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking will give you the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the world of finance, be it in investment banking, private equity, corporate banking or financial advisory services. You will acquire in-depth knowledge of corporate decision-making in an international environment. The programme is an advanced, intensive course aimed at graduate students with prior training in finance.

The MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking gives you the in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge skills you need to forge a successful career in international finance, be it corporate finance or capital markets. You can pursue a vast array of careers, for example, as a corporate financier, portfolio manager, wealth manager, quantitative analyst, fixed-income strategist or equity analyst, to name but a few.

Yes. The MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking is an advanced, intensive programme aimed at graduate students with previous training in finance, so applicants will have an affinity for mathematics and prior knowledge of accounting and finance.

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