EDHECinfra Days 2018

Taking place on June 6 and 7 in London, the EDHECinfra Days 2018 will open the discussions about advanced approaches to modelling risk and valuing private assets in infrastructure investments.

Day 1: Pre-Conference Day

Annual Meeting of the EDHECinfra International Advisory Board
■ The 30-strong advisory board of the EDHEC infrastructure institute will meet to discuss current and future research directions and the future developments of EDHECinfra broad market indices, sub-indices and custom benchmarks
■ Location: Royal Institute of British Architects (66 Portland Place, Marylebone, London W1B 1NT)
■ By invitation only

Masterclass on infrastructure debt investment: advanced techniques for asset owners and managers
■ 3-hour seminar on modelling credit risk and valuation in the private infrastructure debt space
■ Taught by two EDHEC instructors in an accessible and practical manner

Day 2: EDHECinfra Day 2018 Public Conference

part 1: Infrastructure Equity
■ Introducing the first broad market indices of private infrastructure equity investment: 20 years of risk-adjusted
performance for infrastructure investors
■ The future of infrastructure investment products: better diversification, more transparency and industry consolidation
■ The valuation of private infrastructure equity: the coming(r)evolution of in asset pricing for long-term investors
■ Is listed infrastructure equity `fake infra’?

Part 2: Infrastructure Debt
■ Two decades of private infrastructure debt investment: the evidence
■ The future of infrastructure debt products
■ Measuring credit risk in infrastructure debt: doing it right
■ What happened in Spain? How to lose a lot of money with infrastructure debt…

Download the full program here / More about EDHEInfra here